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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day long Dharana Programme in the campus of Bhubaneswar GPO on 20.06.2013

Confederation's Programme 
on 15 point Charter of Demands.
Let's join enmasse 

“Make aware yourselves on Trade Union Movements,
 Confederation’s contributions,goals and achievements.

Join  Confederation and struggle like brave warriors,
Do snatch away your rights and don’t be beggars.

Hard days are coming, many questions are there,
United struggle only can give the suitable answer.

Strengthen Confederation, don’t avoid and ignore,
Time may not come to repent for your blunder.

Don’t wait for anyone to fight for your rights,
You aren’t at all cowards to live like parasites.

The struggle has just begun, a long way to go,
Confederation is the mightiest, we have to show.

Confederation Zindabad, Zindabad NFPE,
We are always ahead let the world see.

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