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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ministry of Railway modifies the passenger fare revision circular in connection with Monthly Season Tickets (MST) and second class suburban fare

The circular for revision of passenger fares issued by Ministry of Railways that was to come into effect from 25.6.2014 had among other things made a change in the way the fare for monthly season tickets (MSTs) was to be calculated.  In the existing system, the MST is 17-15 times the value of a single journey ticket for the same distance slab whereas the circular indicated that MSR fare would be now equivalent to 30 single journey fare for the same distance slab.  Inclusive of the 10% fare hike and 4.2% FAC, the new MST fares ranged 1.7 times to 3.5 times of the old MST fare.  Despite the fact that MSTs are highly subsidized,  Ministry of Railway has now decided to modify the fair revision circular and hence a decision has been taken to increase the cost of existing MST fare by only 14.2% inclusive of FAC, i.e., the Monthly Season Tickets for both suburban and non-suburban shall now be charged at 14.2% over  the  existing rates rounded off as per extant instructions.

Further in the second class ordinary suburban single journey fares, it was noticed that upto a distance of 80 kms, there was increase in 3 of the slabs only and because of rounding off, the increase was coming to more than 14.2%.  A view was therefore taken to avoid any hike in fares upto a distance of 80 kms.  Thus there is no change in fare for second class suburban travelers for a distance upto 80 kms.

In view of the above modifications, the revised fares in the unreserved segment shall come into force from 28.6.2014.  However, for reserved segment, the revised fares shall come into effect from 25.6.2014 as notified earlier.

A table depicting the above changes is enclosed. 

Source : PIB

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