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Friday, June 20, 2014

UPU News : Training staff takes centre court

19.06.2014 - The UPU has partnered with the Postal Union of the Americas, Spain and Portugal (PUASP) to open up a regional training hub in Montevideo, Uruguay on June 17.

Hussein (centre) at the ribbon-cutting ceremony with Minister Kreimermann (r.) and Roberto Cavanna, PUASP secretary-general
UPU Director General Bishar A. Hussein cut the ribbon at the centre with help from Roberto Kreimerman, the Uruguayan minister for industry, energy and mining.
The initiative is set to better help PUASP member countries better attain the priorities under its regional development plan (RDP). Such plans were created for all world regions to fulfil the main objectives of the UPU Doha Postal Strategy for 2013-16.
“For the current world postal strategy to be achieved, postal employees must be trained to the highest standards possible,” said Hussein.
Using existing infrastructure at PUASP headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay, courses will be offered to the region’s Posts from June 2014.
“Enabling training to take place in the region where great facilities exist already makes practical sense – it brings the courses closer to beneficiaries, as well as bringing participation costs down,” added the UPU director general.
For its part, the UPU has pledged some 100,000 CHF to the initiative, with other costs being borne by the other party.
PUASP is an intergovernmental regional organization. This type of body is also known as a UPU restricted union.
The Doha Postal Strategy has four main goals: To improve the interoperability of the international postal networks; provide technical knowledge and expertise related to the postal sector; promote innovative products and services; and foster sustainable business development.
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