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Friday, February 27, 2015

Postal department’s failure to deliver proves costly

Non-delivery of registered posts to the right addressee has cost the postal authorities dear with a consumer forum directing it to pay lakh as compensation to an aggrieved consumer who lost his job due to the gross negligence.
Delivering an order on an appeal filed by V.Ravi of Auroville, the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, comprising its president Justice K.Venkataraman and member K.K. Rithia said, “It is a clear case of default, gross negligence and misdelivery on the part of postal authorities without ensuring delivery of the postal articles to the right addressee, which caused mental agony and loss to the complainant.”
V. Ravi of Morattandi was working as supervisor in Auro Food Limited and the company was taken over by the International Bakery Products Limited, Thiruchitrambalam. As he fell sick and was extending the medical leave, the company conducted an inquiry against him by employing a domestic inquiry officer. He replied to the officer’s letter stating that his health condition did not permit him to attend the inquiry. Subsequently, he was informed that a further inquiry would be intimated to him. However, the company later terminated his services without any intimation. When Ravi contacted the inquiry officer, he showed the proof of delivery of two letters sent by the company. Ravi was shocked to see them as he had not received the letters . The Senior Superintendent of Post Offices, Puducherry Division, replied that it was delivered to a third party by mistake and hence action was contemplated against the person, who delivered the letters.
Filing a consumer complaint in the District Consumer Forum, Puducherry in 2010, Mr. Ravi said due to the non-delivery of the letters , his life was ruined and his family members were put to mental stress besides costing him his job. The district forum dismissed his complaint holding that he was not entitled to any relief.
Hence Mr. Ravi preferred the appeal before the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.
“It is a clear case of default, gross negligence and misdelivery’’

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