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Monday, February 23, 2015

World Cup Stamp Sheets a Big Draw Among Youth, Philatelists

By Express News Service
Published: 21st February 2015 06:00 AM
“I love cricket and it is my hobby since my childhood to collect the stamps related to cricket. However, it’s hard for me to spend Rs 400 per sheet,” said K Sudheer, a student of eighth class, who came to the post office to purchase the sheet on Friday.  

The souvenir stamp sheet consists of 14 cricket ball-shaped self-adhesive stamps. Each stamp represents a competing team -- India, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, England, Australia, Scotland, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, West Indies, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates.

“The design of the sheet is very attractive and unique having the logo of World Cup at the centre. Each of the stamps is coloured in the respective shade of the team jersey and bears the logo of the national flag of the country that the team is representing. No cricket lover ever fails to utilise this opportunity,” said A Mani Charan, a philatelist from the city.

The stamp sheet has been themed “14 teams, One champion” and each stamp incorporates the official 2015 World Cup logo in the centre. Each sheet is priced at Rs 400 and if someone purchases five sheets together, then they will get a 20 per cent discount. Till now the head post office in Vijayawada has sold 150 souvenir sheets in two days.

“We have been releasing the postal stamps every four years, to commemorate the World Cup event and the demand is going on increasing every time, with the majority of the customers being teenagers.

The head post office in Vijayawada is one of the six head post offices in the state selling the souvenir sheets,” said Senior Postmaster M Hari Prasad Sharma.

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