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Monday, July 27, 2015

Change in ECS file Directory Path

From: Giriraj Ponnambalam
Sent: 27 July 2015 18:29
To: All  CPCs

Cc: FSI (CBS) Team, CEPT; Vinoth M. C. K.; "Raghuraman Pichumani"; Selvaraja Jeyakumar

Subject: Change in ECS file Directory Path 

Dear SPOCs, 
Infosys have intimated change in the path for the ECS files generated. finreports/CDCI is now changed to finreports/ECS. Please instruct the GPOs/ ECS service branches to use the new path in HTRFTOPC menu to download the ECS files generated using HGEOC, from tomorrow onwards. The older files (upto 27/07/2015) will be available in the old path itself.   

With regards

Giriraj Ponnambalam
Deputy Manager (FSI & RSI)
Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology, Chennai 600002
044-28543481, +91 94441 08080

From: Vanitha Chellamuthu <>

Sent: Monday, July 27, 2015 16:09


Cc: DOP_Prod_Support; Vinoth M. C. K.; Selvaraja Jeyakumar

Subject: ECS files
 Dear CEPT Team, 

ECS bulk files (using HEGOC) are generated in CDCI_LOGS path and the files are backed up once in 3 days. ECS files are required for long run, hence the path of ECS file generation is moved from /finreports/CDCI_LOGS to /finreports/ECS(new Directory). Changes has been done such that ECS text files will be generated in /finreports/ECS directory and it will remain for long run in the ECS directory. Old files which has been generated till 27-07-2015 will remain in the old path.  

Thanks & Regards,

Vanitha Chellamuthu

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