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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Divisional Union requests intervention of the Circle Union on dissatisfactory Civil/Electrical Maintenance Works of Rasulgarh SO

Extremely Urgent
All India Postal Employees Union, Group-C
(Affiliated to National Federation of Postal Employees)
Bhubaneswar Divisional Branch
Ashoknagar Mukhya Dak Ghar, Bhubaneswar – 751 009
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No. UN/BN–AIPEU/Gr.-C/10-07/2015
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 29th July, 2015
The Circle Secretary
AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle
At- Postal Stores Depot, Bhubaneswar – 751 007 

Sub: Dissatisfactory Civil/Electrical Maintenance Works of Rasulgarh S O. 

Dear Comrade,

This has a reference to this Union’s letter No. UN/BN–AIPEU/Gr.-C/02-06/2015, Dated at   30th June, 2015 addressed to the Senior Superintendent of Post Offices, Bhubaneswar Division, Bhubaneswar – 751 009 on the above subject  (Copy attached for ready reference)

In response to our objections  raised on poor civil and electrical maintenance works of Rasulgarh S O before the Divisional and Circle administration, our Circle administration vide its letter No. Bldg/16-440/2015, dated 06.07.2015 had asked the Exe. Engineer (Civil) and Asst. Engineer (Electrical) to take early action in the matter.

            Today (29.07.2015), a team comprising of the AE (Civil), JE (Civil), JE (Electrical), ASPO(OD), Bhubaneswar Division, PRI(P), Bhubaneswar GPO visited the spot along with the approved contractors to assess the situation.

This Divisional Secretary also accompanied the team.

            We were surprised to see the soaking walls of the renovated building. The newly fitted Project Arrow style counters were observed to be eaten by white-ants. The newly plastered walls are seen cracked. Water connection to the building is still awaited. There is no delivery branch. The front room was suggested to convert for the purpose after dismantling the obsolete electrical cabinets with necessary civil works. When suggested for construction of a cycle-shed, it was replied that a proposal has already been submitted by the Civil wing three months before which is now pending with the AD(Building). The ASPOs(OD) was requested to pursue the issue  with C O. In addition, it was also requested to appraise the SSPOs to clean the surrounding with an appeal to IDCO, Bhubaneswar to displace the thatched roadside hotel adjacent to the front boundary wall

            All the shortcomings already raised by us including the above were brought to the notice of both the JEs and A E with request to take immediate action for early completion so that  Rasulgarh S O can shift to the new building. Before proceeding to the spot, this Divisional Secretary had an informal discussion with the A D (Building) who assured to take immediate action on receipt of the visiting report of the team.

            But, as per latest news received by us, now the Chief PMG is pressing hard to shift the office to the new building anyhow by Sunday (02.08.2015). Since the SSPOs could not be contacted, when we discussed the fact immediately with the ASPOs(OD) and AD(Building), it was replied that all the pending works will continue and complete on priority basis after shifting. But we know, once the shifting is completed, the problems may not be prioritized. We have already failed to give water connection to the building where the P O is functioning since March, 2009.

            Thus, we have no alternative left but to request you to appraise the Chief PMG at once to complete the pending works first and then order for shifting. Or else, suffering without minimum basic amenity like water is a must in addition to other problems as informed.

            We expect that our Circle Union will immediately rise to the occasion and do something before Sunday. 

With greetings.

Yours comradely,
Attached:- As above
Divisional Secretary
Copy submitted through eMail to : 

1.     The Senior Superintendent of Post Offices, Bhubaneswar Division, Bhubaneswar – 751 009.

2.     The Assistant Director ( Building), O / o the Chief Postmaster General, Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar – 751 009

It is sincerely requested not to shift the S O in a hurry without completion of the pending civil/electrical works including basic amenity like provision of water. There is complete threat of theft since the post office portion has remained completely open without any door towards the damaged Bag Washing Plant. There is no space for delivery branch, which is a must for such a big delivery office having 8 postmen and 1 sorting postman. All the shortcomings brought to the kind notice of the Divisional / Circle office may kindly be considered on priority basis before shifting.
 Com. B Samal, Divisional Secretary with the team
 Soaking walls of the renovated building
  Obsolete electrical panels remained 
 ASPOs(OD) discussing with JE(Civil) to close the counters remained open without glass
 Newly fitted counter table eaten by white ants before use

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