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Monday, October 25, 2010

28th All India Conference of AIPEU,Group-C from 09.01.2011 to 11.01.2011 at Pune

Problems / constructive suggestions requested to prepare a consolidated report for presentation before the CHQ

Dear Comrades,
Notice has been issued under Article 25 of the constitution of AIPEU, Group-C by our General Secretary vide CHQ No. P / 1 – 1 / AIC, dated 15.10.2010  for holding the 28th All India Conference of the union from 09.01.2011 to 11.01.2011 at Dhynasagar Mangal Karyalaya. Alandi, Vadgaon Road, Tal-Khed,  District – Pune.  Alandi is just about 18 kms from Pune Railway station. The Central Working Committee Meeting will be held on 08.01.2011.
        As you are aware, apart from organizational, financial, strike reviews etc., all common issues related to Central Govt. employees in general and specific issues related to postal employees in particular will be discussed during the conference. This Division has always kept its opinions on different common and specific issues. For the purpose, our Divisional Working Committee will sit shortly ( notice to be issued separately ) to have a common discussion on the following issues for arriving at a common decision to be presented before the CHQ and for finalizing the list of delegates from this Division to the AIC.
1.   Closure / merger of Post Offices
2.   Corporate plan of India Post
3.   Core Banking Solution and Orissa Circle
4.   Problems arising out of Computerization / modernization / Technological advancement
5.   Problems of Project Arrow POs and its staff members
6.   Deferment of  proposed Indefinite strike from 13.07.2010 and its after effects
7.   Cadre review of Postal Group-C officials:
a.   Separate cadre for System Administrators / Assistants
b.   Separate cadre for Business Executives
c.   Separate cadre for P O & RMS Accountants
d.   Creation of Postmasters’ Cadre
8.   Anomalies arising out of 6th CPC
9.   Problems arising out implementation of MACP Scheme
10.                Ban on creation of posts and problems faced by the existing employees due to acute staff shortage with increasing workload.
11.                Problems of System Administrators and Business Executives
12.                Functioning of Confederation of C G employees in Orissa Circle head quarters and our role
13.                Amendment required , if any to the Constitution of AIPEU, Group-C
14.                Other Divisional and Circle issues in general – Role of circle union in redressing Divisional issues
15.                Attitude of Divisional / Circle administration in redressing common problems
Before the Divisional Working Committee sits for a common discussion, I would like to request all our genius and intellectual  members especially Accountants, System Administrators, Business Executives, staff members in Divisional Office working for BD Cell , PLI / RPLI, computerization, modernization and Project Arrow etc. to  intimate the real position in which they are working and the problems they are facing. Similarly the SPMs / Postmasters are also requested to intimate their problems with every open-mindedness. The problems, views and suggestions should be sent to me in our e-mail address  as early as possible but latest by 07.11.2010 so that the Working Committee can sit during the 2nd week of November and arrive at a common decision to be intimated to the CHQ. Further members interested to proceed to the AIC may intimate their names at once for advance reservation of tickets to avoid rush / non-availability due to delayed booking. It may be noted that the union will only bear the delegation fee for participation in AIC.
Hope, every staff member will feel the importance and act accordingly.
Expecting everybody’s cooperation.
With greetings
Yours Comradely,
B. Samal.


  1. Actually System Administrators are playing important role for success of Computerisation in Department of Posts. So Department should creat separate cadre for System Administrators. Till that all the Administrative & Operative officers/officials should co-operate the System Administrators to success all the computeisation projects.

    ( Manoj Kumar Mahala )

  2. Dear Comrade,
    You might be aware that proposal for a separate cadre etc is will be considered under cadre review proposal. What I need at this moment before commencement of AIC is a beirf note on the problems faced by the SAs in Orissa Circle starting from technical to administrative while working in SOs/CO/Training Centres.
    Hope , you will cooperate.

  3. All SAs should invariable be allowed/permitted to travel by bike/scooter while visiting computerised offices, since it is not possible set right the system defects by anybody during a stipulated time & return to HQ by bus etc. & accordingly all SAs should be paid motor mileage allowance.Some Divl Office Accountant are wanting specific orders for sanctioning SAs TA bills. Allmost all SAs are using their bike for SOs computerisation work.