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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Brief Note on Royal Mail, U K

Dear Comrades,
          As published in our NFPE website on 8th October, 2010, on the invitation of Royal Mail U.K, a Postal Training programme in UK has been organized in London from 18.10.2010 to 22.10.2010 and ten member delegation is attending from the department our Secretary General Com. M. Krishnan, and our General Secretary, Com. K. V. Sridharan are also among the ten members delegation.
             In this context, I am reproducing below a brief note on the Royal Mail, U K for information of our comrades.
                   Royal Mail is the national postal service of the United Kingdom. Royal Mail Holdings plc owns Royal Mail Group Limited, which in turn operates the brands Royal Mail (UK letters), Parcelforce Worldwide (UK parcels) and General Logistics Systems. Post Office Ltd, which provides counter services, is a wholly owned subsidiary.
          Royal Mail Holdings is a public limited company in which the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills owns 50,004 ordinary shares plus 1 special share, and the Treasury Solicitor holds 1 ordinary share.
Historically, the General Post Office was a government department which included the Royal Mail delivery business, represented in government by the Postmaster General, a Cabinet-level post. It became a statutory corporation in 1969. Most of the duties were passed to Consignia plc in November 2001, and the old Post Office was dissolved in 2007. Consignia changed to Consignia Holdings plc, then Royal Mail Holdings plc, the current name.
          Royal Mail was not privatized in the 1980s and 1990s, but remains a limited company owned by the UK government. A bill that arrived in the House of Commons around 4 June 2009 would, if passed, partly privatize the company. However the bill was postponed due to the current recession. Royal Mail is responsible for universal mail collection and delivery in the UK. Letters are deposited in a pillar or wall box, taken to a post office, or collected in bulk from businesses. Deliveries are made at least once every day except Sundays and Bank Holidays at uniform charges for all destinations within the UK. First Class deliveries are generally made the next business day throughout the UK.
          Royal Mail delivered 84 million items every working day and had a network of 14,376 post offices with a revenue of £9.056 billion, and profits before tax were £312 million in 2006. Since that time, profits have dropped year on year – £233 million in 2006-7 falling to a £10 million trading deficit in 2007. In 2008, the BBC reported that Royal Mail's trading position had worsened to an annual loss of £279 million/yr in financial 2007. For the financial year 2008-9 Royal Mail had an operating profit of £321m, with all four group businesses in a full year profit for the first time in two decades. In Wales, the service carries the Welsh name Post Brenhinol, as well as the English name. Both names are normally used on vans, postboxes etc. It is also compulsory for all Post Offices in Wales to have the name Swyddfa'r Post on display outside. In parts of the highlands and islands of Scotland, post office branches also display the name Oifis a' Phuist, which means post office in Scots Gaelic.

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