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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Dear Comrades,
Though the problems of Sahidnagar MDG is known to one and all and the authorities have expressed  their views to examine and consider, no action is being taken for this bigger Post Office having as many as 20 beats, the highest in Odisha Circle. 33 officials are being managed by a single HSG-I Postmaster without any additional supervisor.
Com. R C Mishra, Circle Secy. has been requested to interfere in the matter.
Circle Union requested to take up
the problems  of Sahidnagar MDG

No.UN-BN/AIPEU-Gr.-C/ 03 – 10 /2010
Dated at  Bhubaneswar the 25th October, 2010

Sub:-  Change of Working Hours and creation of a post of LSG supervisor in Sahidnagar MDG – Suggestions regarding.

Dear Comrade,
This is regarding creation of one post of LSG supervisor with change of working hours of Sahidnagar MDG. In spite of justification and repeated correspondences with the administration the issues have not yet been resolved  compelling interference of the circle union.
A.  Justification in brief:
             While reporting the above problems of Sahidnagar MDG. this is to intimate you that the Mail, Sorting and Delivery branch of Sahidnagar MDG are being operated in the basement of the P O building and the Postmaster sits  in the ground floor. Thus, direct supervision of these branches personally  by the Postmaster is being prevented. When the Postmaster comes to the basement  for supervision, the counter transactions are being affected compelling the customers to wait and inviting resentments. With the present arrangement and MDW, the sole responsibility now lies with the Postmaster in spite of the above compulsion and limitation. Although timely attendance to correspondence works, attending customers on the spot and over telephone, complying public complaints and overall supervision of the office including safe keeping of records / files etc. and extra supervision required under Project Arrow  are affected, these are attended to personally by the Postmaster sitting late night in the office. After diversion of Customer Care Centre to deal with the web-based complaints, implementation of iMO, WUMT, World Net Express and other Premium/ e-enabled  products / services, the responsibilities of the Postmaster have been increased unexpectedly which is becoming impossible to manage single handedly.      Further this is the only HSG- I post office in Orissa Circle having 20 beats where as Bhubaneswar GPO even has only 19 beats.  This is the only HSG – I post office perhaps which is functioning without any supervisor. The volume of mails received by this office is just next to Bhubaneswar GPO. As per DET, most of the HOs in Orissa Circle are even  receiving mails less than Sahidnagar MDG. But those H Os have DPM and APMs in their respective establishments.
B.      Suggestions already given:
1.       Since the 1st mail is being received daily through MMS at 6.50 AM, the working hours of this office requires to be changed. Two P As ( One dealing with  mail / sorting / receipt and delivery of SPAs / EPPs and other dealing with receipt and delivery of RLs and receipt and transfer of  Parcels / VPLs / VPPs ) with two Sorting Postmen and  one Group-D should be brought on to duty daily from 07.00 hours to 11.00 hours and from 15.00 hours to 18.00 hours so that facing , stamping , sorting,  data feeding etc. will be finished in time and the beat out can be ensured rightly at 10.30 hours. The assistance of GDS M C is also barely necessary for cutting of bags, facing and stamping of articles, both accountable and ordinary. Considering the volume of mail and the number of bags ( this office is receiving 30 bags average a day ) this office receives daily, the only Group-D cannot finish the work in time single handedly. Thus, the duty of the GDS MC is also required to be sorted out accordingly. Details of volume of mail receipt is not required perhaps since DET discloses everything.
2.      During the above proposed off hours of the Group-D i.e. from 11.00 to 15.00 hours , this office may utilize the services of the water carrier and sweeper who have been paid for 5 hours ( nearly ) each.
3.       Out of the two P As brought on to duty as above, the senior one  may be given the duty of the supervisor who will look after the Mail, Sorting and Delivery branch of the PO so that the Postmaster will find time for other important supervisory work including counter , correspondences  works and handling of public complaints etc.
4.      One set of keys of the P O excluding treasury may be handed over to the supervisor designated as above.
5.      The duties of the 3 counter P As ( MPCM, SB – I and S B – II ), MO Paid / VPL PA and Treasurer require no change.
 Further to intimate that  the Post of  APM, S B – III, Bhubaneswar GPO  which was diverted to  the Business Office as Supervisor for some period has been kept vacant since long after abolition of the post of second supervisor in Business Office. Practically two APMs (SB), i. e. APM  - I for HOSB  and APM – II for SOSB have been functioning since years together in Bhubaneswar GPO. Thus, the said Post of APM ( SB – III ), Bhubaneswar GPO may perhaps be proposed also for creation here in Sahidnagar MDG as APM ( LSG ) on redeployment basis under matching savings scheme. This will certainly increase the efficiency of this Project Arrow office failing which management of such a bigger office with a single supervisor with receipt / dispatch of large volume of mails may be affected adversely.
C.  Action taken so far:
The above problem was first brought to the notice of the Technology Squad from Circle Office on Sahidnagar MDG on 20/06/2009 and complying the Visiting Remarks of the Technology Squad the above suggestions were given to C O by the Postmaster, Sahidnagar MDG vide e-mail dated 25.06.2010.
The Circle office then called for comments on the issue from the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division vide their e-Mail dated 25.06.2009.
The same suggestions as above for change of  working hours and  creation of  an LSG supervisor post on matching saving scheme were again given to the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division by the  Postmaster, Sahidnagar MDG.
The fact was duly recorded by the Chief PMG in his / her V R dated 09.02.2010 and 04.06.2010 which have been duly complied the Postmaster Sahidnagar MDG with the above suggestions.
The fact was again brought to the notice of the DPS ( HQ ) during her visit to Sahidnagar MDG on 30.07.2010. The DPS ( HQ ) in her V R dated 30.07.2010 has directed the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division to inform C O about action taken by the later.
But it is regretted that in spite of such remarks, pursuance and justification, the matter though initiated since June, 2009 is yet to be finalized. Therefore, it is requested to appraise the circle administration to realize the gravity of the issue and take suitable action in this regard as early as possible.
With greetings.

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