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Saturday, March 22, 2014

World Water Day

Water not a Want but a Need - Save Water Save Energy 
Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink, was the starting line of the chapter "Water" in the science book, during my schooling. Our life has changed a lot, and we find technological advancements in every sphere of life. We have electronic gadgets everywhere around, which need electricity. When electricity is not available, they become useless but still we are able to live without them. But no one can even think of living without water for a day.
At present the biggest need for the survival of life on the planet is to conserve water.  Around the globe World Water Day is being observed on 22nd March since 1993. This day is primarily devoted to implement United Nations recommendations on clean drinking water, sustain safe drinking water facilities, conservation of water, sustaining fresh water bodies and to promote concrete activities within the countries regarding the world's fresh water resources. International World Water Day tries to remind people about the significance of fresh water and to promote sustainability for fresh water resources. Organizations all around the world use World Water day to promote awareness about clean water and sustainable aquatic habitats. Also as a day to focus public attention on the critical water issues of the present era.
Moving towards Indian scenario, the country receives abundant amount of rain, but factors like increase in population, is among the main reasons of water scarcity to the country. Due to population increase, natural resources are consumed more. A large number of water bodies local ponds, lakes, rivers and reservoirs get polluted and depleted. At present a considerable amount of water of the country's population lack access to safe drinking water. Also, Indian agriculture is rain fed. The goals and success of agriculture in India are based on availability of water, mostly rain water. Good amount of rain means a good crop harvest. Preserving rain water is must and ensuring that almost no toxic material present should get mixed with rain water, which can eventually pollute it as well as the water body in which it eventually flows.
In the light of the above, it is a general understanding that, there is a need of water conservation in the country and the major issues with regard to water usage in India can be summed up as under:-
1. To ensure safe drinking water to rural and urban house holds
2. To sustain safe drinking water facilities.
3. The restoration/ clean water bodies both in villages and cities.
4. Water conservation.

Every year, The World Water Day emphasizes on a different aspect of freshwater. This year the theme of the World Water Day is Water and Energy. As water and energy are related to each other and both are necessary for the survival of our planet. To generate energy particularly hydro electric and thermal power we need water resources.
In order to keep the water and energy relationship alive, an emphasis needs to be placed on increasing the water conservation and to preserve the natural water bodies for energy production today as well as in future. There is also a need to increase the efficiency of water with regard to energy production. To produce energy water is required and to provide water you need energy. Due to this inter-connection between water and energy, deficiency of any of the two creates problem for the other. If water resources, meant for the production of electricity get depleted, it will certainly cause a decrease in electricity generation. At present there is a tremendous need for appliances which are energy efficient, if appliances are able to save electric energy, it in turn means they are saving water.
Many of us may think as to what an individual can do to conserve water, and this thinking of many of us leads to wastage of water daily. In today's world we are in a rat race to construct big house with lavish bathrooms, but we forget to think that without water they are useless. We go on using water more than what is required to us. We as individuals can at least use water in a proper manner in our homes and places of work.
Many a times, water taps on road sides, are seen running and water is wasted, we pass without bothering to close it. We should think on these issues and try to conserve water in whatever way it is possible for us in our daily life. Use of electricity should also be limited to our need and not want; electric appliances should be used only when needed.
One bulb will give us enough light, so what is the need to switch on multiple lights. We should make sure to minimize switching on lights and other electric appliances unnecessarily any time. With this we shall not only be able to conserve electricity but in turn we will also conserve water.
By : Syed Adil Shamim Andrabi
(PIB Features)

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