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Thursday, July 31, 2014

'Employees using social media before making any career move'

NEW DELHI: Social  media is proving to be an important bridge between an employer and its staff   as an increasing percentage of employees are using this medium before making any   career move, says a Kelly Services report.

The advent of online talent  communities and online job boards not only helps companies to find the right  talent, it also helps employees to have more information about their preferred  places to work.

Hiring tools like online talent communities and and online job boards help employees make better decisions and at the same time  help employers identify outstanding talent at a time when many employees may not  be actively pursuing a Job change.

"The arrival of digital and online  communications has opened up a plethora of conversations about work and the  workplace. Employers now have a number of avenues to attract the most compelling  talent and to convey information about their businesses as preferred places to  work," Kelly Services India & Malaysia Managing Director Kamal Karanth said.

This has made it possible to identify and engage passive job seekers who may be   open to the right job  at the right time, Karanth added.

According to Kelly Global Workforce Index ( KGWI), social media and online tools are  being used as a vital determinant in deciding job for a potential candidate. 

"With changing mindsets and perceptions, more online talent communities  have sprouted and employees also seen to be more eager now to learn about company details,  workplace, reputation before applying for a job and at the same time get access  to job opportunities along with trusted industry information," Karanth said. 

In the Financial Services & Insurance Sector 37 per cent of employees have been part of  online talent communities which has become a primary source to exchange  intelligence and share latest industry updates.

Moreover, in the Indian   life sciences sector also 65 per cent employees use social media in making a  career or employment decision

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