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Saturday, July 19, 2014

UPU News : World Postal Business Forum: innovation tops agenda

16.07.2014 - The UPU will invite postal leaders and experts to explore how different facets of innovation can shape business and service strategy at this year’s World Postal Business Forum.

The World Postal Business Forum is organized during the annual Post-Expo exhibition and conference

Entrepreneur and innovation guru Moses Ma will be the keynote speaker at the UPU’s annual event, taking place in Stockholm from 23-25 September 2014.
Ma, a partner at a US-based high-tech venture incubator that prides itself on building companies based on radical innovation, will share insights into how strategic innovation can drive corporate change.
“I will illustrate how it is possible for large companies to successfully shift to an innovation-based model by embracing new technologies, changing mentality and creating new and effective ways to address these challenges,” says Ma, co-author of the recently published book Agile Innovation.
Opening this year’s forum alongside UPU Director General Bishar Hussein is also Håkan Ericsson, president and group chief executive officer of PostNord, the company created in 2009 from the merger between the Danish and Swedish Posts.
“Innovation today is on every leader’s mind, as the industry faces enormous challenges,” says the UPU’s Hussein. “Innovation not only deals with new technologies, but also with a change in mentality, in the creation of new ways to address current and future challenges.”
The UPU expects this year’s event to attract good attendance with an exciting programme covering various aspects of innovation, a harbinger of the UPU’s 140th anniversary celebrations on 9 October.

Big data

Panels of experts and senior executives will discuss the role of innovation in developing products and services that meet customers’ evolving needs, and how regulatory frameworks can foster and encourage new approaches to commerce.
The forum’s second day, organized with the Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing (FEDMA), will cover the fascinating world of big data, its value to postal operators and the privacy issues to be considered.
The third and final day, organized in association with Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne’s Postal Innovation Platform, will focus on partnership models for postal operators and how to use the value chain to seek out new revenue streams.
The UPU’s 13th annual World Postal Business Forum is organized in conjunction with Post-Expo 2014, an international exhibition and conference for the world's postal, courier and express industries.

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