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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Working Committee Meeting of AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Divisional branch successfully held on 13.07.2014

The Divisional Working Committee Meeting of AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Divisional branch was conducted successfully on 13.07.2014 under the president-ship of Com. Pramod Ku. Pattnaik, Divisional President. As many as 38 members including the members of Women Sub-committee attended this first DWC Meeting after 8th Divisional Biennial Conference held from 12th to 13th April, 2014. The meeting commenced with a warm welcome to all the newly elected office bearers including those who have joined this year in the union.

Before going for discussion agenda-wise, the Divisional Secretary impressed upon all the participating members the need of the hour when we are pressurized for expediting the CBS works and Cleanliness Drive presently undertaken by India Post. When offices like Chandinichowk HO and Rourkela H O are prepared for migration to CBS, Bhubaneswar GPO is lagging behind.  In the presence and participation of the Working Committee Members, the Divisional Secretary vividly discussed the issue to find out the problems and reasons for such delayed progress in Bhubaneswar GPO and lack of commitment of our staff members assigned with such work was found to be the main cause which is certainly unfortunate. The Directorate is pressurizing the Circle Head and latter to our Divisional Head for expediting all the related works to CBS. Settlement of minus balances and S B Objections are going slowly.  While attending the meeting of Postmasters with the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division on 11.07.2014, the Divisional Secretary came to know that the document submitted by the S O units for settlement of S B Objections and minus balances are misplaced in Bhubaneswar GPO and in spite of repeated submissions; objections are rolling for years together without settlement. This is nothing but lack of seriousness of our staff members who are given such responsibilities and thus certainly harassing. It is very difficult on the part of the S Os/MDGS for repeated submission of Ledger copies, Memos of Admission of Payment etc. Each and every SPM / Postmaster attended the meeting raised this issue before the Sr. Postmaster who was present in the above meeting also. In the presence of the SSPOs, this Divisional Secretary requested the Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO to select a committed team for the purpose  to expedite the CBS works and thus to save the goodwill of Bhubaneswar Division. All the above discussions were presented before the participating members of the Working Committee by the Divisional Secretary who appealed all the staff members to be committed first towards the cause of the Department before bringing their personal issues for discussion in the union platform. This is the need of the hour. Attitudinal change is a must in every one to cope with the transformation of India Post. We have to protect the interest of the Department first and then fight for any injustice done to us by the administration.

Secondly, the Divisional Secretary expressed concern over the callousness of some of our staff members who are deployed in key posts to look after the welfare of the staff members. For ineffectiveness of such officials, there is huge pending of leave sanctions and other personal financial benefits for years together. Letters addressed to the SSPOs by the SPMs/Postmasters/staff members of S O units either for the official purpose or on personal issues are not being put up to the SSPOs in time for months together for which the members facing the public in the grass root level are unnecessarily put into trouble. All the participating members registered their voice on computer and stock related issues viz. non-supply of UPS battery, computer consumables, furniture and other stock items in time. Direction of the Divnl. Office to the staff members of S O units to collect physically some stock items / computer consumables were seriously objected by the members of the Working Committee.  On demand of the members, a resolution was passed unanimously for the purpose to be presented before the SSPOs. However, before going for discussion with the SSPOs, the Divisional Secretary appealed such staff members through the participating members of the Working Committee to be very particular in their duties and responsibilities for welfare of all.  One day or other they will also be transferred to S Os/MDGs to work as PAs / SPMs and must feel the plight. Authoritative voice to their coworkers will not count for a longer period.

Another serious issue was also brought to the notice of the Divisional Secretary regarding non-implementation of rotational transform memo. The Divisional Secretary informed the members that he has already discussed the issue in the meeting of the Postmasters with the SSPOs on 11.07.2014. The senior Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO was already told by the SSPOs in the presence of this Divisional Secretary to expedite the issue. The members requested the Divisional Secretary to appraise the SSPOs not to bring any official on deputation to Divisional Office who is already transferred. Nobody is indispensable. This practice should be stopped. However, a unanimous resolution was passed in this regard to discuss with the SSPOs.

The Divisional Secretary also appealed all the members to expedite the Cleanliness Drive of India Post and weed out all old records beyond preservation period and unserviceable furniture from their offices as soon as possible not because of the reason that Directorate has now ordered and the issues is closely monitored by the Division/Circle/Directorate, but because it is a necessity. Cleanliness actually requires no order. It is everybody’s responsibility to make his environment clean and green.

Going though the agenda items, the Divisional Secretary narrated his experience earned in participating the National Workshop on 7th CPC conducted by our CHQ in New Delhi from 26th to 27th May, 2014. Actively participating in the discussion in the two-day Seminar – Cum – Workshop on behalf of Bhubaneswar Division, possible contribution was given to the CHQ in preparing the Draft Memorandum to the 7th CPC. Some important points given by the Divisional Secretary have already been incorporated in the draft memorandum.

Discussing on the draft memoranda submitted both by our CHQ on P-III related issues and by the National Council, JCM on common issues of Central Govt. employees, the Divisional Secretary informed the participating members all the important demands raised before the 7th CPC for PA, LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I, Accountant/APM(A/s), PRI(P), System Administrator, Business Executive, Postmaster Cadre and requested the participating members to contribute their valuable suggestions so that CHQ can be informed for any addition/alteration/modification.

All the participating members unanimously endorsed the demands already raised by our CHQ and opined that no further modification is required. Now time has come for leadership to appraise the Commission about our demands either through oral evidence or in any other manner to convince the Commission that our demands are justified, logical and scientific and we deserve the higher pay demanded.

The meeting was also addressed by the Chair-Person and Convener, Women Sub-Committee.

The resolutions adopted will be posted later on. 

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