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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Status of Toilet in Post Offices

Dear Comrades,
The Postal Directorate desires a report on Status of Toilet in Post Offices vide its letter No. 92.1/2014.Bldg dated 14.08.2014 as the said information is urgently required by the PLANNING COMMISSION. Accordingly, now Circle Office has instructed all Regional/Divisional heads for submission of the required information on Status of Toilet in Post Offices in their respective Division / Unit for onward submission of a consolidated report to Directorate.  

This Divisional Union is always discussing this issue and ventilating our concern to the Divisional administration. In the last Divisional Working Committee held on 13.07.2014, we have already adopted a resolution as follows: 

Problems of Women Employees 

During discussion, the women employees expressed concern over non-availability of separate lavatory for them in most of the post offices of Bhubaneswar Division except Bhubaneswar GPO and Ashoknagar MDG. While post office like Bhubaneswar R S, Pokhariput  SO etc. have no lavatory, the same of Kharvelnagar S O, Utkal University MDG, Bapujinagar S O etc are completely damaged. The two women employees of Utakl University MDG are forced to suffer like anything. Even some offices with post attached quarters viz. Acharyavihar S O, Kalpana Square S O, VSS Nagar S O etc are having only one lavatory which is used by the concerned SPM and his family members and thus the other staff members are deprived of the facility. Even most regretfully, the only All women Post Office of Bhubaneswar Division (Odisha Assembly S O) has no separate lavatory and its employees are sharing a common lavatory with the employees of UBI in the same building.  Similarly post offices functioning in the campus of other State / Central Govt. establishment, viz. A G S O has no separate lavatory and the employees are using the common lavatory meant for their employees.

As per instructions contained in Directorate’s letter No.137-10/2011-SPB.II, dated 18.01.2011 a women employee will be transferred to an office after ensuring that basic and essential amenities for women are available there. The Circle / Divisional heads have been directed to identify such offices which are lacking basic amenities and take action for providing them immediately. But unfortunately this is not happening in Bhubaneswar Division.

Thus, it was unanimously resolved to request the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division   to look into the following issues immediately.

a.     Ensure construction of separate lavatory for women employees where ever possible.

b.     Ensure construction of lavatory where there is no lavatory or else take action to shift such post offices to a suitable accommodation having all that basic and essential amenities  

c.      Ensure repairing of all damaged lavatories.

d.     Not to post women employees where there is no that basic and essential amenities. 

This is not the situation only in Bhubaneswar Division or Odisha Circle but a nation-wide common problem which needs to be addressed. 

Kind Attention of all Comrades
Working in Divisional Offices

Comrades working in the building branch of Divisional / Regional / Circle Office are sincerely requested to take every care while preparing the report that the information submitted to the Circle Office / Directorate is correct, just and genuine which may bring some positive result in future.
B Samal
Divisional Secretary / Asst. Circle Secretary
AIPEU, Gr.-C, Bhubaneswar Divn/Odisha Circle

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