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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Postal RCs, licences fail to find owners

CHANDIGARH: Almost 90% of driving licences and registration cards (RCs) sent through post have returned undelivered to the registration and licensing authority (RLA) this month, indicating the applicants maybe fudging addresses to obtain documents.

According to RLA records, 110 RCs from 142 sent from October 7 to 23 were not received owing to non- availability of the applicant. In a few cases, the owners left without intimating the new address. As many as 55 driving licences out of 69 were undelivered because of the same reasons.

"We have received the documents back due to either the person not residing at the given address or leaving the house. Now, undelivered documents of such nature will only be given to the applicants by checking their credentials. If any wrong information is found, the RCs and driving licence will be cancelled immediately and legal action taken," said Kashish Mittal, in-charge, RLA.

To facilitate the applicants in a better manner, the RLA had begun to provide documents to the applicants at their doorstep instead of calling them to its office. The authority has tied up with the postal department for the purpose.

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