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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

UPU News : Philatelic tributes

13.10.2014 - Several Posts around the world are marking the UPU’s 140th anniversary by issuing a variety of philatelic items.

Designed by Berne artist Daniel Dreier, the postcard can be purchased at six post offices throughout Switzerland and at the UPU’s International Bureau.
In Switzerland, Swiss Post issued a new postcard on the UPU’s anniversary date, 9 October, that will be sold in six post offices throughout the country, including in Berne and at the UPU’s headquarters.
The picture postcard, showing Berne’s old town in its glorious Alpine setting and carrying a pre-printed stamp valued at 1.90 CHF, will have special appeal for collectors and tourists alike. 
The stamp design is based on the current UPU service stamp (Colombe de Bâle) issued by Swiss Post in 2012 for use on mail leaving the International Bureau in Berne. 
In other parts of the world, Belarus issued a stamp and first day cover to mark the anniversary, while the Czech Republic created a special cancellation mark and Mauritius a commemorative envelope.

International reply coupon

For its part, the International Bureau also issued a special edition of its international reply coupon, originally issued in 2012, carrying the UPU’s 140th anniversary visual and the dates 1874-2014. 
Some 83,000 copies have been sold to Posts. It will be in circulation until 31 December 2017, like the original version. 
As it is being issued in a small quantity, this version of the IRC should be popular among collectors, says Louis Virgile, who oversees philately at the UPU.
IRCs can be exchanged in all UPU member countries against the minimal tariff of an ordinary priority item or an ordinary, airmail letter-post item sent abroad.

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