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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Assistance to distressed GDS by SPOs and staff members of Bhadrak Division

       Shri B.B. Mohanty, SPOs Bhadrak Division along with his staff members handed over a sum of Rs. 44,680/- on 23.12.2015 along with blanket, jacket, saree and dresses etc contributed / donated by the staff members of Bhadrak Division to the GDS MD, Eram S O who has lost his house due to an out break of fire in his house last week.
      This was the 2nd phase contribution. The 1st phase contribution of Rs. 21,000/- was handed over to the GDS by the SPOs on 17.12.2015.


  1. Thanks, Dear Samal Babu, for your kind gesture of giving space to the incident in your blog through which I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all the staff of who responded to my appeal with a positive note by which more than Rs.60000/- alongwth some dress items/blankets/sarees could be collected for providing humanitarian aid to the GDS who was distressed by the calamity. still some more collection is also being received. Thanks again for the encouragement provided through the blog-reporting.


    B B Mohanty
    SPOs, Bhadrak

  2. Sir,
    It is our pleasure to find such a worthy news for publication. In the union platform most of our activities are confined to writing/fighting for pay, allowances, transfer, postings, etc. But actually how many of us think for the distressed ! Really a few. No doubt, the noble action of Team Bhadrak headed by you will a beautiful example of inspiration for others to come forward for helping the downtrodden.
    Thank you once again Sir for your noble idea/work.