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Friday, December 18, 2015

Notice for Annual General Body Meeting of AIPEU, Gr.-C, Bhubaneswar Division

National Federation of Postal Employees

N   O   T   I   C   E

No. UN / BN – AIPEU /Gr.-C / 04-12 / 2015
 Dated at Bhubaneswar the 18th December, 2015 

Notice is hereby given under Article 48 of the Constitution of All India Postal Employees Union, Group–C to hold the Annual General Body Meeting of this Divisional Union at 10.00 AM on 03.01.2016 (Sunday) in Panthika, Khandagiri (Near Khandagiri S O), Bhubaneswar. 

          The following shall be the agenda for discussion. 

1.               Review of proceedings of last Extraordinary General Body Meeting conducted at the Odisha Association for the Blind, Bhubaneswar on 11.04.2015 against implementation of Task Force Report.

2.               Re-verification of membership completed during 1st week of August, 2015 and effective in October, 2015  and position of Bhubaneswar Division.

3.               Release of 7th CPC Report on 19.11.2015 : Demands by Staff Side Vrs. retrograde recommendations by the Commission:

i.                 Fixation of Min. Wage, Fitment Formula, Annual Increment and Promotion etc.

ii.               Common issues covering allowances / advances / CGHS etc.

iii.             Modifications suggested by NC JCM (Staff Side) / Confederation / NFPE / AIPEU, Group-C, CHQ

iv.             Specific issues relating to P A / LSG / HSG-II / HSG-I / S As / BEs/Postmaster cadre. 

4.               Deferment of 2 days strike on 1st and 2nd December, 2015 by NFPE and subsequent developments.

5.               Ultimatum given by National Joint Council of Action culminating to Indefinite Strike from 1st week of March, 2016 on 26 point charter of demands.

6.               Divisional Issues:

a.     Issues related to CBS Finacle and PLI McCamish

i.         Discrepancy settlement, data validation and roll-out sign off.

ii.       Deficiency in supply of hardware and compulsory migration with old and  outdated systems

iii.      Insufficient training and dearth of Technical support

iv.     Low Bandwidth / Link failure / sluggish connectivity / extended duty hours / rude  behavior of the customers and employees’ fate/future

v.       Problems in printing of Pass Book and Certificates

vi.     Transaction errors in Finacle

vii.    Problems arising out of non-migration of Accounts / Certificates

viii.  Irregular orders by CEPT/CPC not to leave office without prior permission/completion of HISCOD

b.    Problems of PLI CPC, Bhubaneswar GPO

c.     Problems of women employees – Posting in offices without basic amenities.

d.    Victimization of employees/stoppage of duty pay of subordinate staff members on the plea of disobedience of office order while Divisional Office fails to obey/implement its own order.

e.     Contributory negligence and issues of subsidiary offenders.

f.      Undue delay in implementation of rotational transfer memo of previous years.

g.    Irregular / arbitrary orders of deputation

h.    Opening of new Post Offices without proper infrastructure and without supply of required stock items.

i.       Problems of dequarterization.

j.       Introduction of new products / services without supporting documents / materials / advertisement and fixation of unachievable targets there on.

k.     Irregular Holding of Monthly Union Meeting and improper attention / non-disposal to/of union representations.

l.       Provision of Police Escort in Cash Van & Deployment of Arm Guards in BBSR GPO

m.   Continued grant of HRA to the Postal Staff Working at Balakati SO, Balianta SO and Bhatpatna SO near Bhubaneswar

7.               Specific general problems of individual Post Offices.

8.               Role and responsibility of the Divisional Union towards AIPEU GDS (NFPE) and Casual Workers.

9.               Planning to undertake some social activities.

10.           Selection of venue and dates for 9th Biennial Conference due after 14th April, 2016

11.           Financial Review.

12.           Any other item(s) with the permission of Chair.

13.           To pass resolutions on the problems of the employees and devise ways and means to implement the policies and directives of NJCA / Confederation / NFPE / CHQ / Circle Union.

14.           Vote of thanks 
Divisional Secretary
Copy to:

1.     The President, AIPEU, Gr–C, BBSR Divn. & SPM, Bapujinagar SO, Bhubaneswar – 9.

2.     Com. R C Mishra, Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle branch. He is requested to attend the meeting.

3.     All elected  Office Bearers and Members.

4.     The Chair-Person/Convener/Sub-Convener/Members of the Women Sub-Committee.

5.     Notice Board. 
Divisional Secretary

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