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Friday, December 18, 2015

Capturing Aadhar No. & Mobile Nos. in all types of accounts in POs for DBT payments and SMS alerts - Reg.

From: Member (Banking & HRD)
Sent: 16 December 2015 16:35

To: All CPMG

Subject : Capturing Aadhar No. & Mobile Nos. in all types of accounts in POs for DBT payments and SMS alerts - Reg.
 16th December, 2015
Dear CPMG, 
This is regarding seeding of Aadhar No. and capturing of mobile nos. in all types of accounts standing in the Post offices to enable DBT payments and SMS alerts respectively.  The GOI is regularly monitoring the progress of CBS roll out at the level of Cabinet Secretary.  In a recent meeting held by him with our Secretary it hs been indicated that no sooner CBS roll out is completed, which is expected to be over by March end, than the Government plans to push back DBT payments through the Post offices.  Therefore CBS completion on time by the circles is key to getting back DBT business especially MNREGA which we have lost  substantially  to the banks. 

2.         CBS completion will make us only partially DBT - ready as seeding of Aadhar and mobile numbers are prerequisites to making DBT successful.  DBT is Aadhar - linked and therefore without Aadhar number DBT will not take place.  Mobile number is required for SMS notification.

3.         There are a few distinguishable and large segments of customers such as beneficiaries of (i) MNREGA (ii) NSAP (iii) Departmental Pensioners (iv) Departmental Staff (v) PRSS account holders (vi) Account holders through RD Agents who make up for a sizeable number of POSB accounts.  It should be relatively easier to obtain the Aadhar and Mobile numbers of such depositors in a matter of two/three months.   It is clarified that Aadhar and mobile numbers are to be obtained for all types of POSB Accounts but very specially and urgently for existing MNREGA and NSAP beneficiaries.   For the rest of the customers all Pos may be strictly instructed to obtain the Aadhar and Mobile numbers as and when  counter transaction takes place.  

4.         A few suggestions are set out:-

·         Sample slip be kept at counters for giving to customers and taking it back.

 ·         Photocopy of Aadhar may be obtained and / or sample format of information be circulated through Postman/delivery staff, RD Agents, PRSS institutions etc. so that higher % age of number could be collected in one go.

·         Back office data inputting would have to be done for feeding Aadhar and mobile number into the CIF.

5.         From the next VC, Secretary shall review the progress of Aadhar and mobile capture and looking to the urgency of the task it is requested to sensitize your staff down the line so that we are fully ready to operate DBT beginning FY 16-17.  Needless to say,   that your personal efforts, initiative and monitoring of the work will help the Department get back into DBT in a big way.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,
Member(Banking & HRD)

MNREGA JAM (Jan Dhan / Aadhar / Mobile) DATA / NSAP

Proforma-I  (To be collected through Delivery Staff)

Account No.
Name & Address of Account holder
Mobile No.

·         JAM Data sheets be prepared specially for MNREGA and NSAP (DAP) beneficiaries.

Proforma-II    (To be kept at the counter)

Account No.

Aadhar No.

Mobile No.

Proforma-II can be in the form of a school label size. ​

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