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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Divisional J C A, Bhubaneswar submitted 10 point Charter of Demands to SSPOs, Bhubaneswar with 15 days time for fruitful negotiation / redressal failing which trade union action is a must:

Dear Comrades,
As per the unanimous decision taken in the Working Committee meeting dated 01.04.2011, the joint meeting of all the Divisional Unions affiliated to National Federation of Postal Employees and the AIPEDEU was held on 06.04.2011 and  reviewed the situation prevailing now in Bhubaneswar Division with conclusion that many anti-welfare decisions of the Divisional administration are causing much concern and are detrimental to the interest of both the department and to the employees as a whole including GDS. The participating Working Committee Members of all the unions decided unanimously to submit a joint memorandum to the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division giving 15 days time to look into the problems and take a decision for amicable settlement of all the pending issues failing which the Divisional J C A formed on the day comprising the AIPEU, Group-C, AIPEU, Postmen and Group-D and the AIPEDEU will be compelled to adopt trade union action.
Accordingly, the joint memorandum was prepared by the Divisional J C A and served on 13.04.2011 to the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division along with 10 point charter of demands and detailed programmes of trade union action to be undertaken in phased manner.
To fight with injustice there is no substitute to a defined and sustained struggle. As such all the members of AIPEU, Group-C, AIPEU, Postmen and Group-D and the AIPEDEU, Bhubaneswar Divisional branch are requested to make themselves ready for the agitational programmes decided to be undertaken in case no fruitful negotiation is made in between the Divisional J C A and the Divisional administration within the time limit of 15 day from 13.04.2011.
The letter of the Divisional J C A addressed to the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division along with 10 point Charter of Demands is reproduced below for information of all members.
Bhubaneswar Divisional Branch

No. JCA – BBSR / 2011                                       Dated at Bhubaneswar the 13th April, 2011

                Sri Aditya Kumar Nayak
Sr. Superintendent of Post Offices, Bhubaneswar Division
Bhubaneswar – 751 009

Sub:-      Problems faced by the Postal   Employees  of Bhubaneswar Division– Regarding.

1.             The joint meeting of all the Divisional Unions affiliated to National Federation of Postal Employees and the AIPEDEU held on 06.03.2011 has reviewed the situation prevailing now in Bhubaneswar Division and come to the unanimous conclusion that many anti-welfare decisions of the Divisional administration are causing much concern and are detrimental to the interest of both the department and also to the employees including GDS.
2.             We are really shocked to notice non-sanction of OTA bills to many employees of this Division on gross mis-interpretation of existing OTA Rules. Different principles have been adopted for different people. In spite of clear order by the Circle Office to grant OTA to all the SPMs of ‘A’ and ‘B’ class offices ( running single handedly ) performing the work of the PA, the OTA Bills of such SPMs have not been sanctioned. It is very interesting to note that while the Circle Office has sanctioned OTA to all officials of ICOSB irrespective of Grade Pay , SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division has restricted it to Rs.2800/-. Officials having GP Rs.4200/- has been debarred to get OTA, but not in all cases. When the Department’s order relating to OTA on the basis of recommendations of sixth CPC is still awaited, such restrictions imposed by Bhubaneswar Division in sanctioning OTA is not understood. In spite of  written orders by the Sr.  Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO to perform OT duty and due recommendations by him for necessary sanction, many branches of Bhubaneswar GPO were not sanctioned OTA. Though OT duty has been performed by the staff of Accounts branch of Bhubaneswar GPO against clear vacancy, they have not been sanctioned arbitrarily. In some cases, it is also seen that OTA already allowed by the Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO has been rounded up  whimsically by the SSPOs in clear deviation to the instructions contained in D G P & T letter No.10-7/71PE.II, dated 31.01.1972 which specifies, inter alia that in cases where the sanctioning authority feels that the authority competent to order OT has not exercised his powers judiciously and that excessive OT duty has been ordered by him without adequate justification, he should refer such cases  to the Head of the Circle  or the equivalent authority , as the case may be  for a decision on the settlement of the claims in question. We do not find observance of any definite principle in sanctioning OTA bills this time in Bhubaneswar Division.
3.             The members of AIPEU, Group-C are seen to be victimized in the rotational transfer memo 2011-12 which was released by the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division on 30.03.2011 Some staff members have been forcefully transferred to rural areas beyond their options. While some members posted to rural area last  year as per their choice have been given undue favouritism, all our correspondences, telephonic and physical discussions throughout the year and even several  personal requests of our Circle Secretary  for bringing back to Com. K K Jena, a heart patient under regular treatment in Kalinga Hospital who was forcefully transferred last year to Konark SO were in vain.
4.             It is experienced that the regular leaves of the postmen staff are not been sanctioned for years together by the Sub-Divisional Heads. In this connection, several discussions have been made with the SSPOs to direct the Sub Divisional heads suitably in this regard. But such requests of the Union have been side lined and the Service Books of the postmen staff are not being up-dated.
5.             The Project Arrow post offices like Ashoknagar MDG, Sahidnagar MDG, Bhubaneswar – 2 MDG etc. are always running with shortage of hands. The daily wage arrangements in such offices against the vacant posts of postmen and Group-D are not adequate. While 100% delivery efficiency is expected by the administration, no prompt action is seen to be taken to fill up the vacant posts in such offices even during the rotation transfer.
6.             The postmen staff  of Baramunda Colony S O and Rasulgarh S O are working in most unhygienic atmosphere due to non-repairing of the P O building in spite of several discussions.
7.             The problems of GDS employees are innumerable.
a.             No tangible step has yet been taken to fill up the vacant posts in the Divisions by the Sub Divisional heads.
b.             Paid leaves to eligible GDS are not sanctioned for years together.
c.             The GDSs performing postmen / MTS work are being exploited.  They have been threatened for procuring unachievable targets in RPLI. Due to their weak service conditions, a fear-psychosis has been created in their minds with continuous threatening by the inspectorial staff to put them up the duty, not to sanction their daily-wage allowance, return them to their parent posts etc. which have created serious resentment amongst the GDS.
d.             Combination of duties for more than two posts is being noticed without sanction of prescribed Combined Duty Allowance.
e.             No permanent staff is being allotted to the ED Drawal seat in Bhubaneswar GPO which is causing delay in drawal of all sanctions in favour of GDS.
8.             The assurances given by the Divisional administration to solve the dequaterization problems of Baramunda Colony, Budheswari Colony, Mancheswar Rly. Colony, Nayahat, R R L, C G Colony, Kalpana Square and all such offices with dilapidated post attached quarters and below the prescribed schedule of accomodation have not yet been materialized and the staff members are unnecessarily suffering for years together. Apart from discussions with the union for years together, the personal representations of the concerned SPMs have not been considered favourably.
9.             Women employees are not required to be posted in such offices where basic amenities are not available. In this connection, detailed instructions have been given earlier on 29.04.1998 by the Directorate not to post women employees in such offices. In Bhubaneswar Division, we have many such offices where basic amenities like provision of urinal / latrine / drinking water etc are not available. Though through monthly union items, we have been continuously pursuing  for such offices like Gop, Bhubaneswar R S, Sailashreevihar etc., no action has yet been taken. Rather a women employee namely Ms. Neelima Rout was posted as P A recently in Gop S O. Experiencing non-availability of basic amenities  in Gop S O, Ms. Rout has since represented to the SSPOs requesting her transfer to any town office in Bhubaneswar  with  basic amenities and her representation is yet to be disposed of.  It is needless to reiterate that recently when the Staff Side raised the matter in the Postal Departmental JCM Council meeting held on 27.08.2010 at 11.00 Hrs in the Committee Room of Dak Bhawan under item No. 30, the Secretary, Department of Posts who was the Chairman of the JCM Departmental Council meeting expressed concern over the issue and directed to cause suitable instructions  not to post women employees in such offices.
When the DG ( Posts) is serious on such issues, it is not understood why our Divisional administration is still remaining silent on such a sensitive item
10.          No Post Office in Bhubaneswar Division is having up-dated Postal Manuals / P O Guides and  Dureja / other publications for POSS Schemes including Ready Reckoner . Due to rapid change in rules and procedures the SPMs / Postmasters are facing a lot of problems for day to day references at the time of need. Even all the required Postal Manuals are not posted in India Post Website for reference by the computerized Post Offices having internet facilities. P O Guide , Part – II, III & IV, Postal Manual Vol. – VI, Part – 1, II & III etc. which are frequently required for reference are not yet posted in the net. Even if posted , that will only serve the purpose to a limited extent. Illustratively, Out of 70 SOs / MDGs in Bhubaneswar Division, only 34 Pos have now been connected with internet facility having Broad ban / WAN. Thus, the rest offices barely need the Acts / Rules etc.
Long back, in 2008 this had also been taken as an item for discussion with the SSPOs and the same was closed with assurance to supply phase-wise. But except supply of part – V of POSS Scheme by A N Dureja, no other Manual / Guide was supplied till date.
11.          Through monthly union meetings and various correspondences, several times we have brought to the notice of the Divisional administration with request to supply adequate furniture to S Os / MDGs as and when indented by the concerned SPM / Postmaster. But what we experience, timely supply of  indented furniture is not being ensured at all. SPMs / Postmasters are seen  sitting on broken chairs. Many offices are not having adequate number of almirahs / racks to keep the guard files / ledgers etc. and those having  the same are in damaged and disfigured condition warranting repairing / re-colouring. As a result, such post offices have created a very rough image in the eyes of the public which is against the look and feel good concept now on the floor by the Department.
Though the monthly union items taken for discussion were closed with assurance  to arrange immediate supply, no tangible steps were seen to be taken.
12.          It has been brought to the notice of this union that  some members of AIPEU, Group-C working in Bhubaneswar GPO are intentionally being given with additional workload frequently at the sweet will of the administration. Without referring the MDW, an order is seen to be released on a piece of paper most of the times and the staff members are compelled to sign on it  with threatening of disciplinary action. In case of any objection or reluctance due to excess workload of the original branch, the members are even not behaved properly which is highly regretted. The workload distribution in different branches of Bhubaneswar GPO are quite uneven. It is observed that while some members of other unions are enjoying in Bhubaneswar GPO, the members belonging to AIPEU are left to suffer. We have also brought such resentments earlier to the notice of the SSPOs. But we have not noticed any development till now. 
13.          The only cash van in Bhubaneswar Division  is clearing / supplying cash from / to different  post offices in huge amount  without police escort. After withdrawal of police forces by the State Govt. authority, unnecessary high risk has been thrown upon the staff related to cash conveyances. Despite several discussions with the staff side, the Divisional administration is still sitting idle .
In this connection,  attention of the administration has since been brought to the instructions laid down in Directorate’s letter No. 32 – 1/ 86 – CI, dated 09.04.1986 and 24 – 4 / 2003 – PO, dated 10.10.2007   where in it has been stated, inter alia that  in cases of the safe and secure carriage of heavy cash from on Post office to another Post office / bank and vice versa, necessary Armed Guards / Police Guards may be provided without fail. If the Police Guards are not available to escort cash, the possibility of arranging the Private Armed Guards  may be explored . Since the security aspect of  Bhubaneswar GPO in is danger and unnecessary high risk is being borne by the innocent staff members for conveyance of cash without police escorts, our repeated requests for providing police escorts in cash van has not yet been given proper attention for last two years.
14.          We have observed that even time sensitive issues like grant of Medical Advances are taken in a very casual manner by the Divisional administration. In spite sanction by the Circle Office, the Divisional administration hesitated to issue covering order to the Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO for issuing cheque  in favour  Hi-Tech Medical College and Hospital  in connection with treatment of the mother of Sri Anil Kumar Mohanty, P A, Bhubaneswar GPO. The official was put to unbearable harassment and wandered  from Bhubaneswar GPO, Circle Office, from Circle Office to Divisional Office and so on and lost his mother at last without any financial assistance.
15.          It is also seen that staff who are applying for leave are not being relieved in time. As a result, the employees are being unable to attend to their social obligations, medical cases or any other unavoidable problems of urgent nature. Several instances are there when we have to request to the administration for ensuring timely relieve. Most often the employees applying for leave has to arrange and nominate somebody to relieve him putting his personal effort which is creating serious resentment amongst the staff.
16.          In spite of our several requests  in many meetings, Speed Post Incentive Bills, MIS incentive Bills, Children Educational Allowances etc. requiring no budgetary provisions are  not being sanctioned up to date.
17.          During period of last two years monthly union meetings are not also conducted regularly.
18.          All the above issues are agitating the minds of the Postal employees including GDS and resentment among them is mounting day-by day. Unless the Divisional administration comes forward to discuss the above issues with the Divisional J C A with an open mind, for an amicable settlement, the situation may go from bad to worse.
19.          The Divisional Joint Council of Action comprising NFPE and the GDS Unions has decided to submit a charter of demands to the Divisional administration and also to organize the following agitational programmes in a phased manner.

First Phase -                         Submission of Charter of Demands to the SSPOs on 13.04.2011endorsing copy to Sub Divisional Heads with 15 days time for amicable settlement.

Second Phase -                   Wearing of black badges and lunch hour demonstration from 29.04.2011 to 02.05.2011 in front of all post offices of the Division by respective staff members .

Third Phase -                        Day long mass dharan programme on 03.05.2011 in front of the   Divisional Office.

Fourth Phase -                     Day long  hunger fast on 16.05.2011 in front of Divisional Office with decision to serve one day strike notice.

20.          We sincerely appeal the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division to change his apathetic attitude towards the members of N F P E  and also request to settle the burning problems mentioned above; failing which we will be compelled to resort to trade union action as mentioned above and   any dislocation in postal works within the Division will be the sole responsibility of the Divisional administration. We earnestly desire to avoid such an unpleasant situation as it may adversely affect the efficiency and productivity of the Postal Services and may also put the public to inconvenience.

We hope that the Divisional administration will come forward for a negotiated settlement on the issues mentioned above and take the staff side also into confidence so that peace, tranquility and  better relationship between the Staff Side and administration shall remain unaffected.

Awaiting favourable response.

Yours faithfully,

( D K Mohanty )
Divisional Secretary
( S K Swain )
Divisional Secretary
AIPEU, Postman &  Gr.-D,
BBSR Divn.
( B Samal )
Convener, J C A &
Divisional Secretary
AIPEU, Group.- C,BBSR Divn.

Copy for kind information and necessary action to :
1.     The Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO.
2.     All Sub Divisional Heads in Bhubaneswar Division.
3.     All Circle Secretaries in Orissa.
4.     All General Secretaries of respective CHQs.
5.     The Secretary General, N F P E, North Avenue  P O building, New Delhi – 110001

Charter of Demands

1.     Stop irregular interpretation of O T A rules and clear all O T A bills up to March-2011 without any discrimination.

2.     Stop exploitation to GDS , fill up all vacant G D S Posts and stop combination of duties in more than two posts. Sanction all pending combined duty allowances and paid leaves to GDS. Deploy a permanent staff to work regularly in the drawal seat of GDS in Bhubaneswar GPO.

3.     Provide police escort to cash van immediately and stop issuing verbal orders to carry / collect cash beyond the prescribed limit.

4.     Update the Service Books of Postmen Staff sanctioning all due leaves pending for years together.

5.     Supply postmen chairs to all offices and other stock items as indented by SPMs / Postmasters on priority basis including supply up-to-date manuals / postal volumes,  Currency Verifiers, water purifiers, additional computer consumables / spare to all SOs / MDGs.

6.     Modify the rotational transfer memo as per individual representations and stop posting of women employees in offices without basic amenities.

7.     Ensure up to date sanction of all pending MIS incentive bills, Speed Post Incentive Bills, Children Educational Allowances etc. and stop callousness in dealing with sanction of advances in connection with indoor medical treatments.

8.     Ensure immediate dequarterization of all offices having post attached quarters in dilapidated conditions and below the prescribed schedule of accommodation.

9.     Ensure equal distribution of work in different branches of Bhubaneswar GPO by approving fresh MDW taking all additional services / products in to accounts and immediate installation  of A C in Bhubaneswar GPO.

10.   Before expecting 100% efficiency from Project Arrow post offices, ensure filling up of all vacant post posts, both operative and delivery.

( D K Mohanty )
Divisional Secretary
( S K Swain )
Divisional Secretary
AIPEU, Postman &  Gr.-D,
BBSR Divn.
( B Samal )
Convener, J C A &
Divisional Secretary
AIPEU, Gr.- C,BBSR Divn.


  1. Dear Comrade Samal,

    I have gone through the article deeply and have understood that except fight and struggle there is no other way left to get our legitimate demands fulfilled. When it comes for the benefit of the Administration, there is no obstacle found to stop them getting their benefits. But when the poor employees of PA/Postman/Group-D and GDS cadre requests time and again for fulfillment of their justified day to day demands, the same is not heard by the deaf ears of the cunning and careless administration. The staff side is always harrased by different means and to protect our rights and to get our demands fulfilled, it is the best democratic way to show our agitation by doing strike. You and your JCA team have taken a very good decision. Stick to it until the job is done. We support your team and wish you a definite win in your forthcoming strike.

    Fraternally yours,

    Com. Purna Chandra Maharana
    Divisional Secretary,
    AIPEU Group-C,
    Koraput Divisional Branch.
    email id:

  2. The 10 Points Charter of Demands submitted by the Divnl. JCA Bhubaneswar Division is justified and I on behalf of Bhadrak Divnl Branch Bhadrak morally support this trade union activity. I expect the Divnl administration Bhubaneswar will come forward to negotiate with JCA so that better relation between Staff side and administration shall remain unaffected.


  3. Dear Com. Moharana and Com. Rout,
    While thanking you for extending your moral supports to the agitational programmes to be launched by this union, I do hpoe that the Divisional administration , Bhubaneswar will honour our sentiments and adopt all feasible steps as early as possible for a negotiated settlement.
    With greetings.

  4. Dear Samal,
    While extending whole heartedly moral support to the agitational programme, we urge the divisional administration as well as the circle administration to come forward for a negotiated settlement immediately.

    Divisional Secretary, Aska

  5. Dear Comrade Pathy,
    Many thanks for your timely cooperation and moral support to our agitational programme.

  6. Dear Mr Samal,
    Thank you very much for formation of JCA to give justice to the working class. Also convey my thanks to all team members of JCA, who have raised their voice against injustice made by SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division and decided to adopt trade union activities . I hope the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division will not take it personally and will try to solve these staff problems by negotiation with staff side. If he will fail to settle all demands of the employees the situation may need the interference of local MP and Member , Parliamentary Committee(Communication and IT). I being the peoples representative of Bhubaneswar will take initiative to unite all seven MLAs and three MPS of Bhubaneswar Constituency.

  7. Respected Sir,
    On behalf of all the members of the Divisional J C A, I would like to exprees our sincere gratitude for your kind support to our proposed agitational programme. Really, we are surprised to receive such a comment.We just want to give justice to our members and nothing else. That's why, this programme. There is nothing personal about it.
    Hope, the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division will honour your sentiments towards the working class.
    Thank you Sir.




  9. Dear Comrade,
    Thanks a lot for your moral support strengthening us to accelerate our agitational programmes.

  10. Administration should be liberal to consider the suggestions of the union. The union is the appropriate body recognized by the government of India to represent the employees. The suggestions / proposals presented by the union may be of mass interest but it is not altogether against the administration. The administration should consider the suggestions of the union in a lenient view to safe guard the interest of both the department & it’s employees