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Saturday, December 24, 2011


 Sub: Filling up of short term vacancies in the newly introduced cadre of Postmaster-Reg.
 D.G. Posts No. 4-61/2011-SPB.II dated 21 Dec 2011.
             I am directed to say that references are being received from Circles seeking clarifications with regard to filling up of the short terms vacancies in Postmaster Grade-I,II & III. It has been reported that representations have been received from Postmaster Grade-I /II officials asking for officiating promotion to Postmaster Grade-II/III although such officials do not fulfill the prescribed eligibility criteria stipulated under the relevant Recruitment Rules.
 2.         It has been clarified vide Dte's letter of even number dated 7/8-2.2011 that the posts of Postmaster Grade-III should not be filled up under initial constitution clause by appointing HSG-I officials for the reason that sufficient number of regular officials in HSG-I would not have become available. It was further clarified that these posts can be filled up only after reviewing the position in the light of options received from eligible officials and appropriate decision taken by the Directorate in the matter. As per clarification No. 4 of Directorate's letter of even number dated 10.2.2011, the posts identified for Postmaster Cadres will be deemed to have been designated as Postmaster Grade-I, II & III with effect only from the dates those are filled  up regularly. Therefore, the Post of Postmaster Grade III will be deemed to be so designated only when these are filled up through initial constitution clause. In fact, in terms of the clarification No.4 dated 10.2.2011, these posts cannot be treated as vacant by the Circle. In the given circumstances when at present there are no posts of Postmaster Grade-III in existence, the question of filling up through officiating arrangement does not arise. Thus, till the posts so identified as Postmaster Grade-III will continue to be manned by officials in General line.
 3.         Regarding officiating arrangement in the vacancies of more than 45 days in Postmaster Grade-I & II, which have become vacant  after they are designated as Postmaster Grade-I & II by filling up through initial constitution as clause as per the provisions of Recruitment Rules, the clarification No. 3 given vide Dte. Letter of even number dated 10.2.2011 was issued stating inter-alia that for filling up of leave vacancies / adhoc vacancies for more that 45 days in Postmaster Grade, the procedure prescribed in Dte's letter No. 137-99/2009-SPB.II dated 23.12.2009 should be followed.  It is envisaged in the said letter that only those employees in feeder grade fulfilling the eligibility condition prescribed in the Recruitment Rules should be considered for adhoc promotion.
 4.         Subsequently, Directorate has issued instructions vide letter No. 137-64/2010-BPG.II dated 28.7.2011 permitting grant of officiating pay and Allowances to Selection Grade Officials who officiated in LSG/HSG-II/HSG-I posts in term of Rule 27 of Postal Manual Vol. IV  against the vacancies not exceeding three months. As per this Rule, the list of approved officers is prepared by the DPC and approved by the appointing authority and only when administrative exigencies required it, a person not in the list or not the first in order in the list may be appointed.
 5.         Similar benefit has also been allowed to Selection Grade officials in terms of Rule 50 of Postal Manual Vol. IV which provides for officiating arrangement against the vacancies of short duration i.e. not more than ne month and more than four months in the cadres in which promotion is made from officials working in different stations, sub-divisions or divisions in a Circle and in the cadres in which promotion is made from officials working in the same office or station.
 6.         In view of the above, to make officiating arrangements in vacancies nots exceeding three months and vacancies of short duration i.e. not more than one and four months in Postmaster Grade I & II, which become vacant after they are designated as Postmaster Grade-I & II, the Circles may follow the instructions contained in Dte. Letter No. 137-64/2010-SPB-II dated 28..7.2011.
(Alka Tewari)
Assistant Director General (SPN)

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