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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pre-Induction Training of P As provisionally appointed in Bhubaneswar Division.

Department of Posts, India
Office of the Senior Superintendent of Post Offices
Bhubaneswar Division, Bhubaneswar-751009
Memo No.B-32/2002,                                                                                          Dated at Bhubaneswar the 27.12.2011
The following outsider candidates, who have been provisionally appointed as Postal Assistant in Bhubaneswar Division by the direct recruitment held in the year 2010 against the vacancies of the year 2009 & 2010 after competition of two weeks in-house training at Bhubaneswar GPO, are hereby ordered to undergo Pre-induction Training in the offices noted against their name below.
Name of the candidate
Period of  Pre-Induction
Office to which attached for the Training
1.      Prabira Mohan Sahoo,PA,BBSR GPO
2.      Ripan Asish Senapati,PA,BBSR GPO
3.      Suraj Singh,PA,BBSR GPO
4.      Bhagabata Mohanty,PA,BBSR GPO
5.     Jyoti Shankar Behera, PA,Sahidnagar MDG

(Two days)

Divisional Office, Bhubaneswar-9
The ASPOs(Hqrs),Divisional Office will ensure that the Pre Induction Training as required under Directorate letter No.1-40/2008-Trg dated 05.05.2009 circulated vide C.O. letter No.RE/6-1(1)/2008(Rlg)Corr dated 13.05.2009 are imparted to the candidate and furnish a certificate to the effect that they have successfully completed the same. The assuming and relinquishing charge reports should be submitted to this office along with necessary certificate.
  Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices
Bhubaneswar Division

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