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Monday, February 13, 2012

‘National Ambulance Code’ Will be Shortly put in place by M/o Road Transport & Highways

‘National Emergency Medical Services Network’ to be Formulated Soon
The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways will shortly put in place the “National Ambulance Code” to rationalize the Ambulance specifications in India and to ensure quality pre-inter-hospital transfer of patients. A Committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Dr. Shakti K. Gupta, HoD, Hospital Administration of AIIMS and comprising of experts from AIIMS, ARAI, M/o RT&H, M/o H&FW etc to finalize the Draft code in this regard. The Ministry is also in the process of formulation of a “National Emergency Medical Services Network” by interlinking all the existing and new ambulances under a centralized Toll Free number and are actively pursuing the matter with other related ministries as well. These were announced by the Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways Dr. C.P. Joshi while delivering valedictory address yesterday at the ‘International Congress on Emergency Medical Services System along National Highways’ organized by AIIMS, New Delhi.
The Ministry has committed to provide “140 Advance Life Support Ambulances” to identified Trauma Care Centres being developed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare along the National Highways. It is planning to impart first-aid training to drivers, toll booth operators and volunteers from nearby villages along National Highways and to give first-aid training in Spinal and Head injury cases. It is also organizing Seminars and Workshops involving the State governments, all stakeholders, academicians and planners in order to raise the level of awareness on road safety issues and to work in a systematic manner to curb the rising trend of road accidents and fatalities.
Source : PIB Release, Feb 12, 2012

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