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Thursday, March 28, 2013

List of Awardees of BHUPEX-2013 conducted by Bhubaneswar Division from 25.03.2013 to 26.03.2013 in Jaydev Bhawan, Bhubaneswar

AWARDS   LIST : Schools  (Junior)
Sl. No. Name of the Awardees                        Particulars of the exhibit                     Medal won           

1.         Ansit  Mishra  :                                    Voyage  of a Thousand Miles              BEST EXIHIBIT                                                                                   

2.         Dipta Ranjan Panda :               Twinkle Star of India                            GOLD

3.         Preetam Kumar Jena:             Infantry Pride of India                         SILVER 

4.         Jeet Dasgupta :                       Eminent Personality                            BRONZE

5.         Juhi Jain :                               Beyond  Skies                                        BRONZE

6.         Pulak  Nayak :                         Special Covers of Odisha                    BRONZE

7.         Swikruti Patnaik:                     Stamps of Different Countries            BRONZE

8.         Satya Pragna Kar :                  My Innovative Corner                          BRONZE

AWARDS   LIST  : Schools  (Senior)

1.         Abhipsa Biswal:                      Pigeons  & Doves                               GOLD

2.         Ritk Prajjwal Sahoo :             Service to Nation                                 GOLD

3.         Shagun Dhir:                           Vision of India                                                 GOLD

4.         Arinumdum Nayak :               My Glorious Motherland                      SILVER 

5.         Sambit Kumar Patra:               First Day Covers of India                    SILVER

6.         Sai Swaroop Nanda:                Health Awareness  Meghdoot             SILVER

7          Krishant :                                First Day & Special Covers                   SILVER

8.         Satyabrata:                              Extinct Animals & Insects                    BRONZE

9.         Krishant :                                Miniature Sheets                                     BRONZE

10.       Vipasha Iyer:                           Sports                                                             BRONZE

11.       Bhumika Dash :                       Animals                                                BRONZE

12        Debasish Padhy :                    Famous Personalities on Stamps        BRONZE


1.         Shalini Rath:                           Journey of Indian Stamps                               GOLD
2.         Madhusmita Padhy :                Fiscals Stamps of Odisha                               GOLD

3.         Debarnab Mitra:                     United Kingdom                                  GOLD

4.         Subrajyoti Behera :                 Wonders of Nature                              GOLD

5.         Sandhya Rani Swain:             Indian Postal Envelopes                      SILVER

6.         Ambika Prasad Patnaik:          Miniature Sheets                                SILVER 

7.         Neelima Rout:                        Musical Instruments                            SILVER

8.         Shivam Patnaik:                      World of Ships & Boats                       BRONZE

9.         Pulak Kumar Sethy:                            Birds                                                   BRONZE

10.       Saswat Kumar Sethy :                                     Animals                                  BRONZE                          

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