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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

e-Intimation of Delivery (e-IOD) - A web-based value added facility provided by India Post

e-Intimation of Delivery (e-IOD) is a web-based value added facility, which provides electronic information about delivery of articles through e-mail or web based access to the senders. This facility can be availed by registered senders. Booking and delivery information of e-IOD articles would be uploaded from booking and delivery post offices on to the central server. An e-mail would be generated by the e-IOD central server to the e-mail address provided by the sender at the time of registration, providing intimation of delivery of articles sent by them.

User id and Password will be given to selected customers for logging on to central server and View and Download Delivery status for their articles

Registration of senders can be done by Divisional Administrator at MBCs or designated post offices/ sorting offices. Articles can be accepted at the MBCs or designated post offices/ sorting offices. Delivery can be from any post office. CEPT PTC MYSORE has developed new web based solution for e-IOD Services which is hosted at PTC Mysore

URL to access e-IOD web application is as below

All MBCs and post offices/ sorting offices identified for registration of senders and despatch of articles should access the above link Day to Day transactions. In addition, all computerized delivery offices need Access the URL to update their delivery work. All these Offices should contact their Divisional Offices For User id and Password to access the application

PTC Will assign a user name and Password to each postal division who will send request for availing eIOD services.

Divisional User will do

1) eIOD customer Registaration:
·         create eIOD customer Master Data
·         Assign Post Office For posting eIOD articles
·         Allocate Barcode range to Customer
·         Issue Certificate Of registration

2) PO User Management: create Admin user for the PO which is identified for doing eIOD transactions

3) Daily Send emails to customer for delivery status of articles posted by customer
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