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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thanks Dear All

Dear Comrades,
Three years back, on this day ( 22nd October, 2010 ) when the whole state of Odisha was celebrating Kumar Poornima and Gajalaxmi  Pooja with pomp and ceremony, we initiated this small effort of launching our own divisional website for sharing our activities with all postal comrades in particular and  the working class in general. By the time we completed one year, while we had only 101030 page views, during the subsequent two years of journey we have registered more than a seven fold growth with 710930 page views and 5328 postings covering  important news and activities of India Post including the same of our union starting from this Divisional Union to our CHQ, NFPE and Confederation. This has been possible only due to the sincere cooperation of our team members and abundant love of all the viewers and well-wishers towards this blog for which we would like to express our sincere obligation.
To keep well informed all our viewers, we have tried to cover many important postal and trade union news from around the world. In this blog, we have put forth our own views on all important issues faced by the employees of India Post in general and the Comrades of Bhubaneswar Division in particular. Many of our letters written to higher authorities / forums covering issues of general interests and valuable suggestions have been published in this site. While many suggestions have been appreciated, taken up by the Circle Union / CHQ / NFPE  and have brought positive results, many issues have been assured to be taken up with appropriate authority and  some have even gone un-responded.  
However, without any confusion, we have equally weighed all admirations and criticisms and have neither stopped our work nor deviated from our own principle to sacrifice anything for truth.  Just we can say that our profound love and deep affection for this postal division in particular and postal family in general, our untiring efforts and irrepressible activities for the welfare of the staff members in particular and working class in general, our genuine representations before the administration with irrefutable arguments and incontrovertible proofs for rendering justice to the exploited and oppressed staff members was / is continuing and will continue as usual.
On this day of the third anniversary of this site, we convey our red salute and record our sincere obligations to all the helping hands stretched towards its design, development and postings. We have the unflinching faith that all our beloved viewers will continue to extend their unconditional love for this site and encourage us to perform smarter and better.
Let the truth prevail.
Thanks Dear All once again.
= Bruhaspati Samal =

Divisional Secretary

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