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Friday, October 25, 2013

SSPOs, Bhubaneswar sensitized the staff members: Existence of India Post comes first

Dear Comrades,
You might have heard the 17th century proverb “Keep your shop and your shop will keep you” which was parodied by one of the America’s leading actress Mae West, “I always say keep a diary and some day it will keep you.” Yes, if one takes care of a store or shop, it will not only take his care but also the generations that are to follow. Of course, one has to face a few problems to keep the store or for that matter any business establishment going. It can demand a lot of one’s time. But one should not lose heart. Even if one has to face some problems initially, it will be a great asset in the future, as once it is established; it will be a source of livelihood for many generations that follow. So, one’s hard work and time devoted to establish, renovate, transform and reorganize any organization is an investment that will pay for itself in the long run.
The same hard work and the same devotion is now required from all of us to save India Post, our own organization when it is going through a transition from manual to digital.  As you are aware, the century old organization was functioning manually till early nineties and so we were. But the Department started computerization through counter mechanization installing 102 personal computer-based MPCMs in 22 selected post offices during the year 1990 – 91 and conceived   the   Project Arrow concept in April, 2008 under “Look & Feel Good” concept which has been extended to 18600 Post Offices by 2012-2013. In November, 2012, the Government of India has approved the Department of Posts’ IT Modernization Project, 2012 with a total outlay of Rs.4909 crore aiming at modernization and computerization of all post offices in the country including 129378 Branch Post Offices in rural areas. It is an ambitious IT transformation project undertaken by the Department of Posts to emerge as an engine to transform the rural economic landscape in the country besides providing value-added mail and financial services to the urban customers such as Mail Operations, Postal Banking, Insurance, Finance and HR.
And the success of India Post IT Modernization Project is only possible with the constant engagement of its officers and staff for which the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division had arranged a meeting on 24.10.2013 with SPMs / Postmasters of Bhubaneswar Division. Sensitizing the  participating staff members, the SSPOs told that since we are rapidly proceeding to achieve the Core Banking Solution shortly, it needs some extra care like settlement of minus balances / S B objections, cent percent signature scanning etc. To be more customer friendly, we have to pay proper attention to customers’ demand with suitable and pleasing reply, to ensure prompt disposal of customers at the counters, to handle public complaints including web-based complaints promptly through identified CCCs, to ensure cent percent delivery of  all kinds of mails on the day of receipt preferable keeping an eye on the tolerance limit , to help minimizing receipt of missent  articles, to ensure recording of correct remark on the returned articles, to upload the articles in the systems running all the clients, viz. eMO, ePayment, SpeedNet and RNet, to upload all foreign articles in IPS Web, to print and deliver ePost messages regularly, to open the eMail twice/thrice daily and ensure suitable reply to the sender and to provide all kinds of services for which the PO  has been identified. Expressing concern, the SSPOs told that most of our staff members are not so much particular on all these issues which just need some extra care and attention only and nothing more. We are delivering cent percent. But unless it is properly uploaded in the system our performance will be zero and our Post Office, our Division and our Circle will be questioned by the higher authorities. Just by a single click on the concerned client, we can save the image of our Post Office, our Division and our Circle. Showing a video clip on how practice makes a man perfect, the SSPOs requested all staff members just to make it a habit to run all clients just after switching on the Server. Habit is the second nature which will gradually make us perfect. Yes, problems may be there. Sometimes, the broad-band does not function, the system fails, generator/UPS becomes out of order, the System Administrator fails to respond and such series of other problems may come before us. But there is hardly any problem which can’t be solved. It needs a little bit involvement rather than shifting the responsibility. The time of writing a letter and awaiting silently for solution has been over now. Cent percent alertness is required. However, assuring the participating SPMs / Postmasters, the SSPOs told to extend from administrative side all kinds of cooperation needed to maintain the good will of the Division and the Department.
Another important thing which came up during discussion is the punctuality in attendance. I have no hesitation to intimate through this blog that most of our staff members are habitual late comers which not only tarnishes the image of the Department but affects the output also. It is really shocking to witness as a staff representative. While we are demanding a lot of things from the administration, it is our responsibility also to reciprocate accordingly.  As we are fighting for our genuine demands through unions, administration similarly expects us to work genuinely as per rules for which timely attendance is a must. Before telling others, let’s rectify ourselves first.
To conclude, I can just say that no outsider will come to save us and our Department. The vision of the Department is that India Post’s products and services will be the customer’s first choice and we are the people to satisfy it with our effort and efficiency. In this context, I would like to appeal all our staff members to be very particular in discharging their duties as the responsible employees of India Post.  Unless the department exists, where will we be? The existence of India Post comes first, then anything else. And to make it a self-sustaining organization we have to work harder in spite of all hurdles. Let’s be committed. If others can do, why not Bhubaneswar ? Achievement of great importance requires dedication for accomplishment.
Are not we dedicated?
Bruhaspati Samal
Divisional Secretary 

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