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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Updating data for Locality Based Pin code Search Directory.

Member (O)'s D.O. on Locality Based Pin Code Search Directory
D.O. No. CGM/Misc./2011-BD&MD                                           09 October 2013.
Dear Shri De,

Please refer to the then Member (Operations)’s D.O. letter No. even, dated 11.05.2012, about updating data for Locality Based Pin code Search Directory and certifying that all localities and villages have been entered correctly and data is properly verified.  As you are aware, PIN Code usage in India is quite low and even when used, wrong usage of PIN Code is quite high.  Main reason for non-use and wrong use of PIN Code on mail is non-availability of right type of PIN Code Search Directory.

2.       In order to provide an easy-to-use search for correct PIN Code to the members of public, the BD Division of the Directorate is developing a Locality Based Pin Code Search Directory with assistance from CEPT.  A copy of letter No. even, dated 26.12.2011, from CGM (BD&MD) on the above subject is enclosed for ready reference. Thereafter, Circles have been reminded more than once to complete the work of data entry for locality based pin code directory and certify that all localities/villages have been entered correctly so that directory can be launched for access by the members of public.

3.       It is disappointing to note that despite repeated reminders from Member (Operations), the work of data entry and data verification for locality based pin code directory has not been completed by the Circles. Data entry status report of 01.10.2013 on PTC Mysore’s website shows that data entry work of 591 departmental delivery post offices and 489 branch post offices is still pending. Circle-wise information report is enclosed for your perusal.

3.1     Further, Circles have not verified and checked the data entered for its accuracy. Until and unless accuracy of data entered is ensured, the Department is likely to face serious criticism from members of public.

4.       As already explained vide Member (Operations)’s D.O. letter No. even, dated 14.03.2012, data entry of city localities is required to be done in respect of metros and major cities which have got more than one delivery post offices. For smaller cities and towns, which have got only one delivery post office, there is no requirement of feeding in individual localities as a single entry “All Localities” will suffice.

4.1     Data relating to villages have been imported by CEPT, Mysore, directly into Directory data-base from the information available with CEPT, Mysore.  The Circles need to verify that the data imported is correct and no village is missing from the data-base.  The tasks outlined in Paras 3 & 4 above should be completed by 10 November 2013 latest by all Circles.

5.       All Circles are requested to identify one ASP/IP at Circle office and one ASP/IP at regional level who will devote full attention to this task and verify data of locality based pin code directory. Further, one suitable official will be nominated in every Postal Division for verification of correctness of data entered for all delivery post offices. Nominated official will carry out search of each major city/town within the Division to see that all localities have been updated correctly. Any superfluous data entered also needs to be deleted. Verification can be done by clicking on the following link:

Regional offices and Circles will monitor progress of completing data entry and data verification work on daily basis and a weekly report will be sent to the BD&M Directorate on email with the subject “weekly report on progress of Locality Based Pin Code Search Directory”. The work of pending data entry and verification of correctness of data entered will be completed by all Circles by 10 November 2013 positively.  While assessing the work of the ASP/IP at Circle/Regional/Divisional level assigned this work and all the SP/SSP of Postal Divisions, the completion of this work within prescribed time be taken into account in the assessment.

6.       All Circles will certify to BD&M Directorate by 10.11.2013 that all localities and villages have been entered correctly and data has been properly verified for its accuracy.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,


 Shri Tilak De,
Chief Post-master General, Odisha Circle,

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