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Monday, December 30, 2013

CEPT NEWS - SpeedNet Automatic Upgradation

The Center for Excellence in Postal Technology (CEPT), Mysore is making constant efforts to improve the quality of software to provide best services.  As part of this activity, CEPT will now be pushing Speednet updates from the Data centre directly to the field offices, which have implemented Speednet Version 4.1.
At present, whenever an update is released for Speednet, the System Administrator has to go round all the offices under his control and to update software manually.   Now this process is automated. The software at the local office gets updated automatically whenever CEPT releases update.  SpeedNet communication will do the miracle.
a)    SpeedNet Update 4.1 should be available in the system.
b)    In respect of computers running XP SP1 or SP2, DotNetframework 2.0 or higher to be installed.

How it happens:
a)    If the updates are limited to database upgration the same will happen silently in the background.
b)    If the updates includes application level changes
                    i).        the operator will be shown a message indicating availability of New update, at the time of login. (Fig.1 may be seen) and follow the instructions displayed. (This activity can be done by any operator)
                  ii).        Software will not allow login, unless the upgradation process is completed.


Action to be taken by Offices running much older versions:
Offices not implementing Speednet Version 4.1, will have to upgrade manually by downloading the SpeedOne Updater.exe file available in the CEPT FTP site (at For upgradation requirements, please refer the ReadMe file.
During automatic transmission, files may get damaged due to various Network or other problems.  In such cases errors will be displayed while updating the application.  When such errors are encountered, please download the update directly from

For any further support please send mail to support@ceptmysore.netwith subject as :SPEEDNET AUTOMATI UPGRADATION – OFFICENAME - PINCODE
Phone: 91-821-2449015; 91-821-2440092;
09449865961; 9480809728; 9480809707
Fax:     91-821-2440526

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