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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

UPU News : Santa to receive eight million letters this year

11.12.2013 - Once again, Santa Claus is relying on the world's Posts to deal with the millions of letters he receives from children, young and old, at this time of the year. Posts expect to process an estimated eight million letters for him.
In Belgium, bpost has already handled more than 122,000 letters for Saint Nicholas this year (Photo: bpost)
According to a Universal Postal Union survey of its member countries, several of the world’s Posts expect to receive an estimated eight million letters addressed to the jolly old fellow this year, exceeding the estimated six million figure reported in 2007.
Several Posts, including those of Canada, France, Spain and Ireland, are reporting increases in the number of letters sent to Santa, père Noël or the Three Wise Men, from last year.
Santa Claus and Father Christmas are the most popular recipients of letters, but some are also addressed to the Three Wise Men, Ded Moroz and other popular holiday figures.
Worldwide, about 20 Posts said they received letters for the man with the white beard or another figure, and many have formal programmes to help answer these missives.
These letters often simply addressed to Santa, North Pole should normally be regarded as undeliverable. But many Posts pull out all the stops to make sure this mail is collected, forwarded and answered by Santa’s little helpers. 

Postcode H0H 0H0

Canada, France and the United States say they each receive upwards of one million letters for Santa annually, followed closely by Great Britain with more than 800,000 and Finland with 550,000.
In Spain, children write to Los Reyes Magos (Three Wise Men). Correos places 174 special mailboxes at the main post offices throughout the country to collect these letters.
In Canada, Santa has his own postcode – H0H 0H0.
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