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Friday, December 27, 2013

Several post officesin state of acute disrepair

Chennai: Several major post offices in the city are on the verge of caving in due to the postal depa­r­tme­nt’s engineering wing ad­opting a lackadiasical app­ro­a­ch to renovation. A series of wa­­­ll collapses at the Park and Eg­­­­more post offices has had po­stal sta­ff fear that more such could occur.
Chetpet post office staff aver that their building will be next in line as the cracks in the ro­ofs are widening. Their rep­eated pleas to improve infrastructure have been disregarded. “Many post offices do not have even basic toilet facilities. We have brought this to the higher officials’ attention innu­m­e­rable times, but in vain,” com­plained a staff member of the Chetpet postal circle.
Restoration work has begun at the Park post office, where the mishap occurred when no one was present, but members of the Postal Union fear for th­eir colleagues in other post offices.
Chetpet post office that needs urgent renovation. 
Even the historic General Po­st Office (GPO) complex, near Parry’s Corner, constructed in 1884 and which is under Sch­edule One of the Heritage category, is awaiting renovation. “Fire is reported in many heritage buildings these days.
We should be more careful and start GPO’s restoration as soon as possible. There is no point in delaying the process,” said Dr S. Suresh, state convener, Ind­ian National Trust for Art and Culture Heritage.
Senior postal administrative officials said that all necessary measures were being taken in this regard which would allay the fears of their employees over dilapidated buildings. “Wo­rk is going on in some pla­ces: soon we will cover all the problematic regions,” said a senior India post official.

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