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Monday, December 30, 2013

USPS News : Postal service toils to deliver parcels on time

Presents have been traveling all over the world today and not just because Santa is delivering them.
The staffs at Marshall’s post office and UPS have been working tirelessly to make sure gifts are delivered to their recipients on time this holiday season with the amount of parcels doubling what they had last year.
“We’ve had twice the parcel volume this year as last year,” acting postmaster Mike Ford said. “(Christmas Eve) has been back to normal, but yesterday we had about twice the volume and it’s been that way for about two weeks.”
UPS store owner Jenice Childers has been experiencing the same amount of incoming parcels, but welcomes this busy time of the year.
“We probably have been just a little more heavier than last year, we’ve been a little bit heavier, a little busier,” she said. “This is my favorite time of the year, the (staff) likes it, the busier the better for us.”
Both Ms. Childers and Ford noted that residents have become wiser in recent years by mailing packages earlier to avoid the mad rush at the last minute.
“A lot of people have learned to get here earlier, there were probably on a couple of people here this morning,” Ms. Childers said. “Anyone coming in today knows their presents are not going to get there before Christmas.”
She added that the ice storms in Dallas had backed up the delivery of a majority of packages, leading the postal service in Dallas to use 3,500 workers to relieve backlogs. However, she noted that they’ve received fewer complaints this year.

“Everyone has been pretty understanding, for the most part people have been understanding,” she said. “Now we’ll just as busy after Christmas because of all the things returned.”

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