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Monday, April 7, 2014

Divisional Union requests the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division for rationalizing staff strength of different establishments.

Com. Purna Ch. Dash
Mobile : 9439051116
Com. Lingaraj Sahoo
Mobile : 9437278723
Com. Bruhaspati  Samal
Mobile : 9437022669

The Senior Superintendent of Post Offices
Bhubaneswar Division, Bhubaneswar – 751 009

No. UN-BN/AIPEU-Gr.-C/ 02 – 04/2014,                                            Dated at  Bhubaneswar the 7th April, 2014

Sub:        Disproportionate staff strength of different establishments in Bhubaneswar Division

             This has a kind reference to the discussions made with the SSPOs in the monthly Union Meeting in January, 2014 (Item No. 03-01/2014)  expressing our concern on the  above subject with request to rationalize the staff strength of different establishment of Bhubaneswar Division. It is being witnessed that while the S Os/MDGs are running with shortage of hands and facing difficulties to perform the day to day operative works, some establishments are highly irrational in comparison to the sanctioned strength. Illustratively, discussing the case of Ashoknagar MDG, it can be stated that while the actual establishment is running one hand short since long, names of three additional P As are rolling over its establishment. Similarly, Utkal University MDG is running always two / three hands short including the Treasurer since long inviting continuous public resentments for failure to render timely delivery/service. The Divisional Office itself is running with 6 hands in excess as follows.

Sanctioned Strength
Name of Official Working
Aurobindo Kanungo, Acct
Ramsankar Hota, Steno
1.Pramod Kumar Sahu
Excess  6 hands
2.Suchismita Mohanty
3.Namita Sahoo
4.Saroj Kumar Patra
5.Nalini Natua
7.Rabinarayan Satapathy
9.D.P.Satapathy(attached to GPO)
10.Prasanna Ku. Mohanty (on deputation from BBSR GPO)
11.Sonali Priyadarshni(on deputation from CRP Line SO)
12.R K Gangai (on deputation from Ashoknagar MDG)
13. Subhashree Mohapatra (on deputation from Ashoknagar MDG)
14. Siba Pr. Barik (on deputation from BBSR GPO
15.Neelima Rout (on deputation from BBSR GPO)
16.R.K.Pradhan (on deputation from Ashoknagar MDG)
            As such, the union requests to restrict the actual staff strength to the sanctioned establishment of each office and arrange early withdrawal of excess hands  and filling up  of the actual vacancies as the case may be in different establishments of Bhubaneswar Division.
            Since the rotational transfer memo is yet to be released, it is expected that the Divisional administration will consider the above proposal favourably to sort out the issue.
A line of reply on the action taken is highly solicited.
With regards.
Yours sincerely,

(B Samal)

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