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Monday, April 7, 2014

Divisional Union writes to SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division on arbitrary deputation of P As to Circle Office

Com. Purna Ch. Dash
Mobile : 9439051116
Com. Lingaraj Sahoo
Mobile : 9437278723
Com. Bruhaspati  Samal
Mobile : 9437022669
The Senior Superintendent of Post Offices
Bhubaneswar Division, Bhubaneswar – 751 009

No. UN-BN/AIPEU-Gr.-C/ 01 – 04/2014,                                             Dated at  Bhubaneswar the 4th April, 2014

Sub:-    Arbitrary and excess deputation of staff of Bhubaneswar Division to Circle Office
It has come to the notice of this union that while Bhubaneswar Division is running shortage of staff due to nomination of 7 P As as SA and 1 P A as BE, frequent deputation of P As to Circle Offices has added salt to the injury. Till now, as known to the union, the following officials are on deputation to C O/other establishments.
Name of the P A
Section where working
Bibhuti Bhusan Mohapatra, S A
Manoj Kumar Mahala, S A
Pravakar Satpathy, P A
Project Arrow Cell
Archana Mishra, P A
Rabi Narayan Sahoo-II, P A
B D Cell
Lal Mohan Mohapatra, P A
Puspanjali Satpathy, P A
Kshyamanidhi Routray
Somanath Sabar
Gadadhar Rath, P A
Deputed to Telecom
In addition, the following staff were recently posted in the Circle processing Centre.
Lingaraj Sahoo as Supervisor
Parameswar behera as S A
Sandhyarani Swain as P A
And now, Sri Pradyumna Kumar Moharana, P A, Puri Division who just joint on 24.03.2014 as P A , Bhubaneswar Division consequent upon his transfer under Rule – 38 of Postal Manual, Vol. IV and posted to Bhubaneswar GPO has again been order for deputation to Circle Office .
Thus, the Division is presently running shortage of 22 hands due to deputation to C O only.
This is not the end of the problem. Long absence of women employees availing Child Care Leave on office arrangements also adds to the problem. As a result, the staff members of Bhubaneswar Division are facing a lot of problems and are frequently debarred of due leaves at the time of need.
Thus, this union while strongly protests such arbitrary deputation of P As of Bhubaneswar Division to Circle Office requests the administration for immediate return of all staff of Bhubaneswar Division now under deputation to Circle Office for smooth management of the Division.
A line of reply on the action taken is highly solicited.
With regards.
Yours sincerely,

(B Samal)

Copy forwarded to Com. R C Mishra, Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle branch for kind appraisal of the fact to the Circle administration with request to return all the deputed staff


  1. If at all there is any shortage of hands, union should also emphasize on immediate posting of officials waiting for posting memo to Bhubaneswar Division whose transfer have been effected by Rule-38 transfer. Deputation to PLI appears to be the sweet will of some one after De-centralisation of the PLI works.

    Concern of the union though genuine but ifs & buts should have been taken into account before addressing the SSPO from union pad. Union pad is a powerful tool and must not be rendered ordinary by addressing silly issues. I wonder why union is not keen on improving the working environments at field units? The issue of internet non-availability,replacement of old outdated computers & peripherals deserves a place on union pad instead of other issues.

  2. Dear Mr. Anonymous,
    Union is not working as per anybody's sweet will. If it is against your interest, I have nothing to say because the mass at grass root level are suffering . I feel you know very little about the functioning of the Union. All the issues noted by you are continuously being written and pursued. Come back and work in a Post Office. Then only you can feel the difference.

  3. Dear Comrade, Please disclose your identity first. I welcome you for an open debate on the activities of AIPEU, Gr.-C, Bhubaneswar Division.

  4. Mr. Anonymous,
    Why are you afraid of giving your identity ? Before writing anything on the activities of the Union, please look at yourself. Perhaps you are working in Circle office according to the sweet will of any officer and know nothing about the post offices.