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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mobile and Desktop APP on Windows 8.0 for National Train Enquiry System (NTES) Commenced

A new mobile app and desktop app on Windows 8 platform for train enquiry as an enhancement to National Train Enquiry System (NTES) has been developed by Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS), the IT wing of Indian Railways in consultation with and support from Microsoft. NTES is the backend system which provides information to the public about train running on near real time basis through various interfaces like nationwide unique rail enquiry number 139, website (, mobile interfaces, Touch Screens, face to face enquiry and Display Boards at stations. The NTES app is now available for download and public use from today onwards i.e. 23rd April 2014. As the first step the App has been started for Windows 8.0 and subsequently the app will be developed for other mobile platforms.
A new interface of NTES website along with Mobile version was launched in September 2013 earlier which received wide appreciation by the travelling public and has been quite useful in meeting the requirements of passengers.
A strong need was felt for launching the mobile app with richer user interface keeping in view the current technology trends and which can be downloaded on the device and comfortably made use for train running related enquiries.
The current Mobile application has the following main features:-
“Spot your train” - This query offers information about a train. Current running status, expected time of arrival/expected time of departure (ETA/ETD) at the queried station can be easily known through this query.
“Live Station” - This query has been given to replicate the display boards at station. One can see the trains expected to arrive/depart at any station in next 2 or 4 hours.
“Train Schedule”-This provides complete schedule of a train with all public stoppages enroute and schedule arrival/departure at the station, distance and day count.
“Trains between Stations” - One can find out the list of all types of trains available between any two stations over Indian Railways.
“Cancelled Trains”  - This query displays all trains marked as cancelled on Indian Railways. The option displays trains which are cancelled through entire route as well as trains which are cancelled on partial route.
“Rescheduled Trains” -This query displays all trains marked as rescheduled on Indian Railways. The option displays trains’ rescheduled timings.
“Diverted Trains” – This query displays all trains marked as diverted on Indian Railways.
CRIS, has constantly been involved in taking new initiatives and developing various applications for Railway users and interfaces for general public to provide quality information about train running and other services with enhanced user experiences. Member Traffic, Railway Board, Shri D.P.Pandey while reviewing the IT projects with MD/CRIS and other officers of Railway Board and CRIS on 22ndApril, 2014 appreciated the Mobile app developed by CRIS and expressed his hope that the app will be well received by mobile users and will certainly add great value to the services. 
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