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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Divisional Union suggests SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division to modify the revised MMS Schedules :

( Federated with National Federation of Postal Employees, New Delhi )
The Senior Superintendent of Post Offices
Bhubaneswar Division, Bhubaneswar – 751 009

No.          UN-BN / AIPEU-Gr.-C / 03 - 08 / 2011,                                   Dated at  Bhubaneswar the 10th August, 2011

Sub:-      Suggestions to modify the  revised MMS Schedules

Ref.-     Divisional Office letter No. G – 49, dated 27.07.2011

This is in continuation of this union’s letter No. UN-BN / AIPEU-Gr.-C / 01 - 08 / 2011, dated 04.08.2011 with reference to the revised MMS Schedules circulated vide Divisional Office letter under reference with instruction to implement  it from 01.08.2011. But while implementing the said order, as per information received by this union from different P Os, the following difficulties / confusions have come forward.
2.             As seen from the Divisional office letter under reference on the above subject, DDHB Colony, Khandagiri and CRP Line SO have been directed to handover outward mails to I R C Village by 14.10 hours daily. This can only be possible if the concerned S Os close the booking of accountable articles latest by 1300 hours which invites change of business hours of all such offices. Even if this is done, the account bag of the day cannot be dispatched since SB transactions may continue up to 15 00 hours as per the existing hours of business. Above all, if all transactions are ordered to be stopped by 13.00 hours, the staff will be idle after dispatching the Mail and Account bag which will have a direct impact on rendering smooth and satisfactory customer services on one hand and affecting the earning of revenue for the Department on the other.
3.             Reiterating the situation of Sahidnagar MDG as for example and similar other offices which are dispatching Yesterday’s Account Bag today through their GDS / MTS, it can be stated that in MMS Schedule No. II, it has been instructed to the MMS Driver to collect SP, General Mail and Account Bag from Sahidnagar MDG at 16.50 hours. In this connection, this is to intimate that most of the times, the Postmen staff fail to give returns even by 16.50 hours since Sahidnagar MDG is a Project Arrow Office and all round efforts are being taken to achieve 100 percent delivery efficiency. As such, it is not at all possible to finish all transactions  well in advance to generate  the daily account etc. and close the Account Bag before 16.50 hours for handing over to the MMS Driver at 16.50 hours. Alternatively, in order to  obey the Divisional office order under reference, yesterday’s account bag can be handed over only which will affect the transit time of Sahidnagar MDG. Since the GDS MC of Sahidnagar attends regularly to bring the speed post bag from NSPC, Bhubaneswar GPO by 09.30 hours, it may not be beneficial to delay the  dispatch of account bag through him only till 16.50 hours to be routed through MMS.
4.             The workload of GDS MC may be reduced after dispatch of Mail and Account Bags etc. through MMS which may  create a situation in future to consider  abolition of such posts  or otherwise.
5.             Similarly, IRC Village, Baramunda, Suryanagar and Nayapalli S O have been directed to handover the SP, General Mail and Account Bag to the Mail Motor at 14.10, 14.20, 14.30 and 14.40 hours respectively. Thus, like the above offices, these offices will have to stop various counter transactions  latest by 13.00 / 13.30 hours to close the bags by the scheduled times.
6.             Further, as observed, the current traffic situation in Bhubaneswar  has not at all been taken into account while preparing the revised MMS Schedules. To discuss illustratively, it is not at all possible to reach Baramunda from I R C, MRC from KIIT, Bhoinagar from RRL, Utkal University from Bhoinagar  etc. within 5 minutes crossing at least  two traffic posts at each stage.
7.             MMS Schedule No. 1 and II have been restricted to 7 hours and 6 hours respectively. But, while MMS Schedule No. III has been prepared for 9 hours i.e. from 7.00 hours to 18.00 hours with 2 hours off from 13.00 to 15.00 hours, MMS Schedule No. IV has been prepared for 10 hours 30 minutes i.e from 08.50 hours to 20.50 hours  with break for I.5 hours from 16.30 to 18.00 hours. Such preparation of MMS Schedules beyond 8 hours clearly contravenes not only the labour laws but the Departmental rulings in force.
As such, this union requests the Divisional administration to modify the revised MMS Schedules considering the following suggestions.
a.     Since three daily-waged drivers are not sufficient to drive 5 MMS vehicles  (including one vehicle yet to be received from Postal Printing Press , Bhubaneswar) now plying in Bhubaneswar Division, recruitment of two more drivers may be considered either on regular footing or engaging outsiders on daily wage basis.
b.     Five MMS Schedules may be considered to substitute  the existing 4 MMS Schedules now circulated vide Divisional office letter under reference with uniform timings and restricting to 8 hours.
c.     Present traffic situation in Bhubaneswar may be considered actively while preparing the MMS Schedules and the present 5 minutes duration as scheduled to reach Baramunda from I R C, MRC from KIIT, Bhoinagar from RRL, Utkal University from Bhoinagar  etc. crossing at least two traffic posts may be revised to 10 minutes.
d.     Suitable clarifications may be circulated early whether the Post Offices will dispatch today’s Account Bag or Yesterday’s Account Bag through MMS. The interest of the GDS staff may be considered to be protected.
e.     The Hours of Business should immediately be changed  in respect of Post Offices covered under MMS Schedule No. II, viz. IRC Village, Baramunda, Suryanagar and Nayapalli S O including DDHB Colony, Khandagiri and CRP Line SO which have been directed to handover outward mails to I R C Village by 14.10 hours daily. Issuing necessary public notification, required sign boards may be supplied to the concerned post offices to avoid hue and cry.
An early reply  with intimation on the nature of action taken is highly solicited.
With regards.
Yours faithfully,

B. Samal
AIPEU, Gr.- C, BBSR Divn.
Bhubaneswar – 751 007

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