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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Divisional Union writes to Circle Union with suggestions for appraising the Circle Administration for acquaintance of all employees with the latest rules and procedures relating to Small Savings Schemes :

The Circle Secretary
AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle  & Vice President, CHQ
At – Postal Stores Depot, Bhubaneswar – 751 007

No.          UN-BN/ AIPEU-Gr.-C / 06 - 08 / 2011,            Dated at  Bhubaneswar the 24th August, 2011

Sub:       Acquaintance of  all employees with the latest rules and procedures relating to Small Savings Schemes
Dear Comrade,
You might be aware that directing demi-offically to all the Circle heads, now the Postal Directorate vide its letter No. 113-01/ 2011- SB, dated 15.07.2011 has expressed concern on non-observance of POSB/SC rules and procedures by postal staff resulting in numerous court cases and suggested the following measures to be ensured immediately to improve the working of post offices .
Ø  All postal employees working in branches relating to small savings schemes including supervisors are well acquainted  with the latest rules and procedures on the subject.
Ø  POSB Manuals / Hand Book approved by the Department are available in all post offices doing POSB/SC work and regularly updated on the basis of S B orders issued from this office.
Ø  All inspecting officers and trainers in the Postal Training Centers as well as WCTC are having knowledge of latest rules/procedures.
Ø   Regular refresher training courses are organized at PTCs/WCTCs to update staff working in the related branches.
Ø  Salient features of Small Savings Schemes  are exhibited in vernacular language  at a conspicuous place  in Public Hall of Major post offices.
Ø  Salient features of these schemes are available for the knowledge of the public in the shape of brochures in all post offices.
Ø  All post offices are immediately informed about change or discontinuance of any scheme as and when circulated by this office.
Ø  A guard file containing all S B orders issued (year-wise) duly noted  by the concerned staff is maintained and available with in-charge of every post office.
All the middle level administrations completed their responsibilities by circulating the above letter downward and now the SPMs/Postmasters/P As at grass root level who have to work and follow the rules and procedures relating to Small Savings Schemes are having a xerox copy of the same without any up-dated P O S B Manual, approved Hand Book, leaflets / brochures etc. as directed.
In this context, this is to intimate that we have brought several items in the monthly union meetings with the SSPOs in this regard for supply of up-dated POSB Manuals, Hand Books and leaflets / brochures in sufficient number for distribution amongst the customers. But we are always given the very coded reply that the matter has been referred to Circle Office for central purchase / supply and though years together have passed, not a single office in Bhubaneswar Division has been supplied with up-dated volumes/Hand Books. Though the sub offices received the above letter after a month, no action is seen to be taken yet either by the Circle administration or by the Divisional administration for supply of posters / sign-boards containing salient features of Small Savings Schemes in vernacular language required to be exhibited at a conspicuous place  in Public Hall of Major post offices as directed above. Computerized offices may download the S B Order No. 01 / 2007 to No. 16 / 2011 presently available in India Post website. But what about the non-computerized offices and computerized offices not connected with internet ? In addition, most of the computerized offices having internet even are without laser printers which is barely required to take the so called print outs.
 I feel the same situation might prevail in all other Divisions of Orissa Circle / other circles also.
As such, we would like to give the following suggestions for appraisal of the Circle / Divisional administration so that the contents of the above letter can be followed in letter and spirit.
1.     As know to this union, Divisions have already placed their requirements of number of sets of POSB Manuals to C O for central purchase / supply taking into consideration the number of post offices , inspectorial staff etc. Undoubtedly, equal numbers of Hand Books are also required. So the Circle Union should immediately appraise the Chief PMG for urgent purchase and  supply of the same to all post offices through concerned Divisional Heads.
2.     Printing and supply of brochures / leaflets containing salient features of all Small Savings Schemes both in English and in vernacular language are completed neglected in Orissa Circle. Perhaps, the same is being printed yearly once and that too meager. What purpose it will solve if 10/20 pieces of brochures  are supplied to a post office like Sahidnagar MDG once in a year ? Such is the situation of each and every post office in Bhubaneswar. The same situation might prevail anywhere in any circle also. Therefore, the Circle administration may be suggested to print the brochures / leaflets containing salient features of all Small Savings Schemes both in English and in vernacular language ( Odia ) centrally and supply copies in thousands to all post offices through respective Divisional heads.
3.     Either standard size sign boards or posters in quality papers should be prepared / printed containing salient features of all Small Savings Schemes both in English and in vernacular language ( Odia ) centrally and supplied to all post offices through respective Divisional heads for displaying at a conspicuous place  in Public Hall  as directed.
4.     To maintain economy, all the S B orders now available in India Post website preferably from 2007 to 2010 ( S B order No. 1 / 2007 to S B order No. 25 / 2010 ) may be printed centrally by C O  in form of a booklet in our own printing press and supplied to each post office with direction to download and preserve from S B Order No. 1 / 11. As seen from the website,  S B Order No. 1/2007 to S B Order No. 25/2010 cover 202 pages. Roughly the xerox charge@ Rs.0.60 will be Rs.121.20 and together with the cost of Guard File or spiral binding it may cost around Rs.150/- per post office. Central printing and supply will certainly cost too less.
5.     It is seen that while some P As / Supervisors are frequently nominated for training some are left behind. It might happen due to poor track record of officials trained in different modules by the Divisional heads.  Care must be taken to maintain a clear and transparent track record of each official on the modules / versions he has undergone training and those supervisors / P As who have not availed the same need to be trained.
Passing orders only will not at all bring any tangible result. The Circle / Divisional administrations should also examine the contents of the letter and comply accordingly.
Hope, you will be able to appraise the Circle administration in implementation of the above order of the Directorate in letter and spirit.
With greetings.
Comradely yours,

Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.-C
 Bhubaneswar Divisional Branch
Copy for kind information and necessary action to :
1.     Com. K V Sridharan, General Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, CHQ, Dada Ghosh Bhawan,2151/1, New Patel Nagar, New Delhi -8
2.     Com. M Krishnan, Secretary General, N F P E, North Avenue P O Building, New Delhi – 110 001

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