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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our CHQ's e Mail Id misused - Be aware :

Dear Comrades,
               Yesterday, I got two mails one in my personal Id and another in the union’s Id  from our CHQ’s mail Id as follows:

How are you doing ? I hope you are doing fine, I'm sorry that I didn't inform you about my trip to Spain for a Conference. I need a favor from you as soon as you receive this e-mail. I misplaced my wallet on my  way to the hotel where my money,and other document things were kept, I will like you to assist me with a  soft loan urgently. I will be needing the sum of  £1,500 to sort-out all my bills here and my hotel bills to get myself back home. I promise you that I'll pay back as soon as I return,I have trust in you, Please kindly let me know if you can be of help so I can send you my details to use when sending the money through Money gram or Western Union money transfer.
            Any assistant you can offer will be greatly appreciated
            With greetings.”

The very nature of the e Mail puts a question mark on its genuineness. Immediately, I brought it to the notice of Com. K V Sridharan in his personal Id and to Com, M Krishnan in NFPE’s Id. 
After few hours Com. Krishnan replied me, “You are right. Somebody has played the mischief.”
Today, our CHQ has published a notice in its website in this regard which is reproduced below for information of all.

Someone hawked our CHQ E-mail and Sending Message
Be aware and Ignore such Messages
Dear Comrades,
Someone hawked our p3 chq E-mail and sending E-mails to all General Secretaries and Circle Secretaries and Divisional Secretaries whom email-ID were saved in the e-mail as if I am away from India, Lost my purse, struggling for settlement of Hotel Bill etc. and send $ 1500.
Our email has not been opened since yesterday. Somebody has blocked to misuse the same perhaps by changing the password.
All are requested not to send any e-mail to temporarily and also ignore whatever message to have been received from the E-mail ID.
We create a fresh one and inconvenience cause regretted.

(K. V. Sridharan)
General Secretary

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