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Thursday, December 1, 2011

General Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, CHQ writes :

Dear Comrades,
How are you? Advance Happy New year to all of you. As usual, we planned to update the Hand Book with various new orders and topic and proposed to release in the third week of December 2011. This time, the Hand Book may contains around 200 pages and 50 pages will be more than the previous hand book. However we have decided to keep the price of the Hand Book for Rs. 50/- as subsidiary price.
The Branch/Divisional Secretaries are requested to fill up the proforma furnished in the last and forward it to CHQ immediately so that we can assess the requirement and order copies for printing. Shall I seek your immediate response?
P3 WORKSHOP – PURI FROM 04.02.2012 TO 05.02.2012
         It is proposed to hold our All India Study Camp/Workshop at Puri (Odisha) from 04.02.2012 to 05.02.2012 exclusively on the specific issues to be notified shortly. Certainly it will be an educational workshop. The maximum participation in the workshop shall be 180 delegates. Therefore it is proposed to allot the following numbers to each circles and the Circle Secretaries are requested to keep the numbers while deciding the delegates representing their circle.
1)      All India office bearers                 -           15
2)      Circle Secretaries                         -           22
3)      Mahila Committee Members       -           6
4)      Delegate representing from 

A. P. Circle      -           15
Assam              -           2
Bihar               -           5
Chattisgarh     -           3
Delhi                -           5
Haryana          -           3
Himachal         -           3
J & K                -           2
Jharkhand     -           5
Karnataka     -           10
Kerala           -           10
Maharashtra  -         10
M. P.             -           5
North East    -           2
Odisha         -          10
Punjab          -          5
Rajasthan    -           5       
Tamilnadu   -           15
U. P.             -           10
Uttarakhand-           2
West Bengal-          10

        Total   -           180

All Circle Secretaries are requested to select the delegates who could contribute to the workshop for group study and also having interest to learn on staff matters. They should not leave the venue for two days and remain in the study camp. Details of programmes will intimated shortly.
All the circle Secretaries are requested to arrange the journeys tickets for the delegates well in advance and furnish their names and particulars in advance to CHQ as well as the Circle Secretary, Odisha Circle at Bhubaneswar GPO so that better arrangements could be ensured for reception, accommodation and others.
On enquiry, it is learnt that in almost all the circles, the GDS and SPMs are paid incentive for the RPLI only with the old rate (i.e) R.s 2.50 per one thousand of sum assured and 1% of renewal premium income. The incentive rate has been revised with effective from 1 October 2009 vide Dte. letter No. 26-2/2009-LI dt. 18.9.2009 and the procedure has been simplified based on the assurance given in the PLI Directorate Meeting held on 1.10.2007 with our union which is reproduced hereunder for the consumption of our Divisional Secretaries.
“General Secretary of the Staff Union (P3/NFPE) urged that there is need for simplification of procedure for verification of the incentive bills for RPLI. CGM PLI Director appreciated the point and assured to look in to the issue.”
Accordingly the procedure has been simplified and software has been developed and provided to all divisions for generating incentive sanction automatically without preferring any bill for which the only pre-requisite is allotment of Agent’s code to all GDS & Departmental employees. All Circle heads were again reminded on 6.10.2010 to provide agent’s code.
As per the new rates, incentives shall to paid at the rate of 10% at the first year premium income and 2.5% subsequent years premium income. There is no need to wait for 12 months. Payment of incentive shall be generated automatically by the Divisional heads every month.
All are requested to confirm whether the agents code has been provided to all SPM/GDS for automatic payment of incentive by the Divisional head. If not, please compel them to complete the process and generate payment of incentive automatically every month. There is no need for preparing bills and verification of the same. Please intimate the position of your circle.
 1.       LGO Exam: - Decision has been taken ignore the language papers and exam result will be decided based on the marks secured in Arithmetic Paper (25 X 2) communication will be sent to CMC for valuation of arithmetic paper and finalise results.
 2.       IPO Exam:  A Committee has been constituted to review the out of syllabus questions on law paper. The Committees report is expected within a fortnight Thereafter decision will be taken about the valuation of IPO exam papers. It seems that it will take atleast a month’s time for finalisation.
 3.       HSG I Recruitment Rules: At last, the UPSC approved the Recruitment Rules for HSG-I, the file will be forwarded to Law Ministry for approval of draft for Gazette notification of HSG-I Recruitment Rules and it will be finalized within a month.
 4.       Postmaster Grade III: - The Issue will be finalized within a month as the file relating to HSG-I Recruitment Rules had been approved. Volunteers will be called for among the HSG-I after releasing DPC for HSG-I and the posts will be filled first with the HSG-I officials opted for postmaster Grade III. The remaining posts will be filled as per the Recruitment Rules of Postmasters.
 5.       Cadre review: - DDG (P) assured that he will finalise a draft from the Department side and discuss the same in the first week of December 2011. We explained the urgency and the need for the earliest finalization of this major demand.
 6.       Postman Recruitment Rules : - Based on our strike demands to modify the Postman Recruitment Rules and also to have a discussion about this with staff side, a meeting with DDG (P) will be held on 2.12.2011 at 11.00 hours at Directorate.
7.       Allowance Committee: - The Committee constituted for review of allowances has finalized its recommendation and is expected to submit before the end of this month. Our CHQ views, as learnt, has taken note of while considering the issues. Orders may be expected.
8.       GDS Demands: - i) Despite strong recommendation by the Department, JS (FA) has once again return the file with some objections relating to the case of reduction of point from Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 10000/- we should exert more pressure.
(ii) Similarly the enhancement of Bonus ceiling file was also returned by the internal finance stating that the GDS are doing duties less than 5 hours. This should also be taken vigorously
9.       Casual Labourers: - The Committee constituted to consider about application of revision of wages and also the future of the existing casual labourers/contingents has sought information from various circles. The finalisation of Committee, it is leant, will take more time, there are 21000 contingent part time casual labourers. We may think of suggesting to convert such posts as GDS or may be absorbed in the unfilled vacancies of GDS which were kept under skeleton.

 10.   Postmaster Grade I: - The declined vacancies have been filled up with the remaining successful candidates of all the circles except five circles from which no informations were received. They have been addressed. No examination was held in Kerala Circle due to court cases.
 11.   PA Recruitment: - PA Direct recruitment for the vacancies up to 2011 December may be scheduled in the month of April 2012 and the revised recruitment Rules will be brought in to effect. Directorate has initiated the process.
 12.   Confirmation Exam: - In the revised PA recruitment rules, the provision of confirmation examination has been removed. There is no examination hereafter. All will be confirmed by DPC committee as per 6 (i) (12) of the said rules. This is a major achievement so far our P3 Comrades.
 13.   Rules 9 Cases/Review petitions: - Member (P) Ms. Yasodhara Menon informed that time bound action has been initiated to clear all pending Rule 9 Cases/Review petitions. She assured result-oriented action on other issues also.
We have planned to print the names of all Divisional/Branch Secretaries, their telephone numbers & e-mail addresses in the Hand Book 2012. Further, we desire to communicate all the developments through e-process in future so that our grass root level leaders will be updated. Still we have not received the updated informations from many divisions.
The Divisional Secretaries are requested to furnish the details forthwith to the CHQ positively before 08.12.2011 either through e-mail or by speed post and facilitate the CHQ to update the Directory. May I seek your response?
All the Branch/Divisional Secretaries are requested to clear the Quota and also the publication dues forthwith without inviting any further reminders.
Let us meet in our next.
With advance Happy New Year Greetings to all
Comradely yours,
(K. V. Sridharan)
General Secretary

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