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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

For better postal services

In a bid to handle postal services and solve several challenges related to mail delivery across a rapidly growing city like Chennai, the Department of Posts has come out with a few guidelines for residents that can help them avail the best services from the postal department in the city, according to an official release by the Post Master General.
For mail to reach its destination, one must write the complete and correct address with pin code as large volumes of mail go undelivered when the address is incomplete or incorrect.  One can a postbox at one’s door or gate. In case of multi-storeyed buildings, postboxes with correct addresses on the cabinet can help correct delivery.
When you are moving within the city or moving out of station, inform the post office as when people change their residence without information, it leads to mails remaining undelivered. One can give a simple letter to the post office with the new address and the mail will reach at no extra cost. Residents can hire a post box facility at the nearest post office, which is the best possible option for getting mail.
If you know your locality and pin code, log onto and identify your locality in the locality-based pin code search. You can learn about your neighbourhood postman by logging onto, which gives details of the delivery staff in major post offices in the city under the link ‘know your postman’.
The neighbourhood postman not only delivers letters, he brings stamps, postcards and other postal stationery for sale. When you are away from town for some time, you can authorise a representative to accept your letters on your behalf, which can be done by handing over a simple authorisation letter to your postman or post office, which will help the postal service to deliver letters without delay. Maintaining a resident’s association directory with details of residents in a locality and their location will be a valuable asset to the postal delivery staff.
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