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Sunday, May 11, 2014

UPU News : Let Posts bring inclusion to rural areas, says UPU DG

08.05.2014 - UPU Director General Bishar A Hussein has strongly advocated for the public postal sector to help rural populations benefit from all manner of services through the postal network at the United Nations’ Chief Executives Board of Coordination (CEB) meeting on May 8. 

 The Rome meeting, chaired by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (front, centre), gathered all the UN heads, including Bishar A Hussein (middle row, far right)

“For this level of economic, financial and digital inclusion to happen, it is absolutely critical to strengthen infrastructure and the postal network at the local, national and international levels,” said Hussein.
Chaired by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the CEB is the highest-level coordination forum of the UN system, gathering all heads of UN agencies.
For his part, Hussein stressed the importance of inter-agency collaboration to bring necessary services to citizens, and welcomed the close collaboration the UPU enjoys with other UN or international agencies, such as the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the International Telecommunication Union and the International Organization for Migration.
The director general insisted that the Post in rural areas should be modernized and positioned as a hub of development and inclusion. “Electrification and internet connectivity of post offices are a must, especially for those in Africa,” he added.
Hussein concluded by saying that the UPU was examining how to further these twin aims for which the support of member countries, the UN system and other funding partners would be necessary to make them a success.
The CEB’s spring session is currently taking place in Rome, Italy, from 7-8 May. 
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