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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Two – day Workshop from 26th to 27th May, 2014 on 7th CPC organized by AIPEU ,Group-C, CHQ concluded successfully in New Delhi

The second day of the historic workshop on 7th CPC started at 10 AM on 27th May, 2014. Com. M Krishnan, General Secretary read out from Chapter 3 to Chapter 25 with active participation of as many as 277 delegates who suggested various additions and modifications in the draft memorandum with suitable contributions and deliberations. The draft memorandum which has been prepared by the CHQ team headed by Com. K V Sridharan, Ex-General Secretary, CHQ covers all  the issues of P A comprising TBOP/BCR and MACP related issues, Postmaster Cadre, LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I, Accountant & APM ( Accounts), System Administrator, Business Executive, PRI(P) and issues related to foreign post , RLO, PSD, CSD and RTP issues.
Com. B samal, Divisional Secretary also participated in the discussion and gave some suggestions on the formula for computing the minimum need based salary, Postmaster Cadre, change of nomenclature on each promotion/financial upgradation. The responsibility given to him as Divisional Secretary in supplementing the CHQ in preparing the draft memorandum has been sincerely discharged by him and some suggestions given by him have been suitably considered and taken care of by the CHQ in this regard. Com. Samal expressed his sincere gratitude before the CHQ for giving him such an opportunity to contribute to the draft memorandum prepared with respect to Postal Assistant and allied cadre issues to be presented before the 7th CPC.
Participating in the discussion, Com. K V Sridharan told that AIPEU, Group-C is the leading union which has arranged such a historic workshop with participation of grass root level leaders who are quite capable of supplementing the CHQ with their wisdom and knowledge and that has been proved today. And this what called trade union movement. Everybody needs to be educated through such workshop so that our movement will ahead further and other unions and associations will learn from such activities. AIPEU, Group-C has also shoulder the responsibility of preparing similar memorandum for Postman/MTS and GDS employees. Since P – III is now also leading the Confederation and NFPE, it has a major role to play before the 7th CPC and the present leadership is quite aware of such responsibilities.
Lastly, Com. R Shivnarayana delivered his Presidential speech and Com. Subramanium, Dy. General Secretary gave the vote of thank. The historic two-day workshop ended fruitfully.

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