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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Brief Report on 9th Biennial Conference of AIPEU, Gr.-C, Bhubaneswar Division concluded successfully on 29.05.2016

First Session

            The AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Divisional branch concluded its 9th Biennial Conference on 29.05.2016 in the Odisha Association for the blind, Kharvelnagar, Bhubaneswar – 751 001. 

            In accordance with the Notification issued vide this Union’s letter No. UN/BN-AIPEU/Gr.-C/Con-2016, dated 29.04.2016, the Working Committee sat on 28.05.2016 and finalized the agenda for the 9th Biennial Conference and discussed , considered and adopted the draft Biennial Report , Audited Accounts and Budget Estimates  to be presented before the 9th Biennial Conference. 

            On the day of the Open Session on 29.05.2016, the national Flag was hoisted by Com. R C Mishra, Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle and Vice – President, CHQ, the NFPE Flag  by Com M Krishnan, Secretary General, Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers and the AIPEU, Gr.-C flag by Com. Pramod Kumar Pattnaik, Divisional President at 10.30 AM. The Open Session of the Conference was inaugurated by Com. R N Dhal, Ex-Leader , RJCM ( Staff Side )  and General Secretary, Odisha State CoC of Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers followed by “Bande Utkal Janani………” the State Song of Odisha. 

In his inaugural address, Com. Dhal strongly criticized the anti-working class, anti-people and anti-employee  policies of the present Govt and appeal for united struggle and participate enmasse in the  forthcoming Indefinite Strike commencing 11th July, 2016 and also the one day strike on 2nd September, 2016.   

Addressing the Open Session as Chief Guest for 1 hour 45 minutes at a stretch, Com. M Krishnan, General Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.-C, CHQ / Secretary General NFPE / Secretary General, Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers briefed the commitment of NFPE towards the nation as a whole and appealed everyone to keep up its goodwill as a class oriented militant organization. Broadly discussing the justification of all our demands before the 7th CPC both scientifically and mathematically, he expressed concern for outright rejection of the common demands of Central Govt employees and specific demands of postal employees by the 7th CPC.  He elaborately discussed all the current issues affecting the Group-C employees in particular arising out of I T Modernization project through CBS and CIS and that of Postmen, MTS and GDS employees in general. He suggested the members to make the organizations at grass root level stronger so that the Circle Union, CHQ, NFPE and Confederation will function efficiently. There is no other organization as NFPE and Confederation. So every individual members should feel proud of being a member of NFPE and motivate others to join NFPE. 

Shri Manoj Kumar Naik, SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division addressed the Open Session as Guest of Honour with an appeal to all the staff members to be very much cordial towards the customers and deliver the same as expected from the members of public by them. 

Com. R C Mishra, Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle and Vice – President, CHQ addressed the Open Session as Chief Speaker. He informed the gathering how the Circle Union is proceeding ahead for agitational programme with lunch hour demonstration on 09.06.2016 submitting the joint memorandum to all Divisional heads signed by all Circle Secretaries of NFPE Unions, Odisha Circle on 32 charter of demands inclusive of CBS and CIS issues and day long dharana programme on 15.06.2016 in front of Chief PMG Office, Bhubaneswar. Com. Mishra appealed everybody to make the forthcoming programmes successful. 

While Com. B Samal, Divisional Secretary delivered his key-note address, Com. Kantimanjari Bhatta, Convener, Women Sub-Committee presented the activities of the women comrades of Bhubaneswar Division during the preceding 2 years. 

The Open session was also wished and addressed by the following dignitaries. 

1.     Shri Pitabasa Jena, Circle Secy.,  AIAIASP, Odisha

2.     Com. M M Samal, President, State CoC, CCGEW

3.     Com. Dusmanta Sethi, Circle Secretary, R – III, Odisha

4.     Com. Debabrat Mohanty, Circle Secy., P-IV, Odisha Circle and DGS, CHQ

5.     Com. Kishore Biswal, Circle Secy., AIPPPEU, Odisha

6.     Com. Srikant Mallick, Circle Secy., AIPSBCOEA, Odisha

7.     Com. A K Mohanty, Circle Secretary, R-IV, Odisha

8.     Com. Sudhir Kumar Swain, Divisional Secretary, AIPEU, Postmen & MTS, Bhubaneswar Division

9.     Com. Ghanashyam Panda, AIPEU GDS, Bhubaneswar Division and

10.  Com. Purnendu Kumar Dash, Ex-President, AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division 

The Conference witnessed the kind presence of the following officers of Odihsa Circle.

1.     Shri Bipin Bihari Mohanty, SPOs, Bhadrak Division

2.     Shri P K Nanda, Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO 

This Union was privileged to have the kind presence following leaders of Odisha Circle. 

1.     Com. Kunjabihari Dash, Divisional Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.-C, Balasore Division and his team members

2.     Com. G C Padhiary, Vice-President, AIPEU, Gr.-C, Odisha Circle

3.     Com. Purna Ch. Moharana , Divisional Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.-C, Koraput Division

4.     Com. Ajaya Kumar Rout, Divisional Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.-C, Bhadrak Division and his team members

5.     Com. H K Sial, Organizing Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.-C, Odisha

6.     Com. Satyabrat Mishra, Divisional Secretary AIPEU, Gr.-C, Mayurbhanj Division

7.     Com, Rabinarayan Choudhury, Divisional Secretary AIPEU, Gr.-C, Phulabani Division

8.     Com. H K Mohanty, Ex-Circle Secretary , R – IV, Odisha

9.     Com. Kishore Ch. Sahoo, Genl. Secy. Text Book Press Employees Federation, Odisha,

10.  Com. J K Mishra, Vice – President State CoC from Institute of Physics,

11.  Com.   Purna Ch. Nayak, Leader, Regional Medical Research Centre, Bhubaneswar

12.  Com. Iswar Ch. Sahoo, Leader, Geological Survey of India

13.  Com. Ajit Dey, Leader, Central Ground Water Board  and

14. Com. Mrutunjaya Barik, comrade of Sundergarh Division with good wishes of the Divisional Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, Sundergarh Division, Rourkela and President, Odisha Circle Union branch.

      While Com. Sibananda Dash, Divisional Secretary, Berhampur Division conveyed his good wishes over telephone for successful conductance of the Conference, the Open session felt the absence of the Divisional Secretaries of Sambalpur, Puri, Aska, Keonjhar, Dhenkanal, Cuttack City and Cuttack North  Division who had assured to attend.

The Open Session was presided by Com. Pramod Kumar Pattnaik, Divisional President and presented in a very decorative and colourful manner by Com. Rajanikant Barik, member of this Divisional Union.  

Lastly, our beloved comrades, who retired during the preceding period of 2 years were felicitated. We had invited all the 15 members who had retired. But the following 9 members attended with their love and affection towards this union. 

Kanhu Charan Sethi, Ex-APM, Bhubaneswar GPO
Basudeb Nayak, Ex-P A, Bhubaneswar GPO
Ajaya Kumar Pattnaik, Ex-P A, Suryanagar NDT S O
Rama Chandra Behera, Ex-SPM, GGP Colony S O
Suresh Ch. Das, Ex-SPM, Airport NDT SO
Trilochan Jena, Ex-P A Bhubaneswar GPO
Laxminarayan Acharya, Ex-P A, Bhubaneswar – 2 MDG
Rabi Narayan Das, Ex-P A, Bhubaneswar GPO
Pramod Kumar Jena, Ex-SPM, Bhubaneswar Court NDT SO

The Union was also privileged to felicitate Com. M Krishnan. 

The vote of thanks was given by Com. Dipti Ranjan Mohanty, Asst. Divisional Secretary. 

on behalf of the Working Committee, we would like to convey our sincere gratitude to all the guests, invitees, representatives of different organizations, officers of Odisha Circle,  press and electronic media, our Circle and Divisional Secretaries including the Circle union office bearers who, in spite of their pressing engagements smartened and strengthened the Open Session of our 9th Biennial Conference with their kind presence. We also express our sincere obligation to those bonafide comrades who left no stone un-turned to make this conference a grand success in all respect. We are also obliged to all those known/unknown personalities who have extended their  moral, physical and financial support to organize this  Conference successfully. 

Second Session 

The afternoon session was started at 4 PM. The Biennial Report was presented by Com. B Samal, Divisional Secretary and the Audited Accounts by Com. Sukhalal Tudu, Treasurer and adopted by the General Body in the presence of our Circle Secretary. As many as 21 resolutions on local issues were adopted unanimously.    

In the end, the following members were elected unanimously as the office bearers of ensuing session including Mahila Sub-Committee 

Elected in the 9th Divisional Biennial Conference

Designation and address
Com. Pramod Ku. Pattnaik
SPM, Bapujinagar S O, Bhubaneswar-9
Vice President
1.       Com. Anil Ku. Mohanty
SPM , IRC Village SO, Bhubaneswar – 751 015
2.       Com. Lingaraj Sahoo
Supervisor, PLICPC, Bhubaneswar GPO
3.       Com. Daitary Mohapatra
SPM, Mahalaxmivihar S O, Bhubaneswar – 29
Com. Bruhaspati Samal
Ashoknagar MDG, Bhubaneswar – 751 009
Asst. Secretary
1.       Com. Dipti Ranjan Mohanty
PA, Bhubaneswar GPO
2.       Com. Ram Chandra Kandi
SPM, Lataharan S O
3.       Com. Suratha Kumar Khuntia
PA, Ashoknagar MDG
4.       Com. Radha Kr. Pradhan
SA, Bhubaneswar GPO
Financial Secy
Com. Kalandi Biswal
PA, Bhubaneswar GPO
Asst. Fin. Secy.
Com. Hemant Kumar Ojha
SPM, RRL SO, Bhubaneswar – 751 013
Organizing Secretary
1.       Com. Sukhalal Tudu
PA, Ashoknagar MDG, Bhubaneswar-751009
2.       Com.  Gadadhar Rath
PA, Bhubaneswar GPO
3.       Com.  Tapan Kumar Sahoo
SPM, Khandagiri S O, Bhubaneswar – 751 030
4.       Com. Saroj Ku. Patra
O A, Divisional Office
Com. Ajeya Kumar Mishra
Accountant, Divisional Office
Circle Councilor
1.      Com. Rajanikant Barik
PA, Bhubaneswar GPO
2.      Com. Soumitri Msihra
O A, Divisional Office
Executive Body Members
1.      Com. Padmalochan Nayak
SPM, VSS Nagar, Bhubaneswar – 751 007
2.      Com. N C Senapati
SPM, Kakatpur S O
3.      Com. R N Sahoo-II
PA, BBSR GPO (On deputation to C O as BE)
4.      Com. Gopinath Kar
BE , Bhubaneswar GPO
5.      Com. Pradeep Ku. Das
SPM, Airport NDT SO
6.      Com. B. B. Mohapatra
PA, Bhubaneswar ( on deputation to C O as  SA)
7.      Com. Pradeepta Ku. Mohanty
PA, Baramunda Colony S O, Bhubaneswar-3
8.      Com. Sarat Ku. Pattnaik
SPM, Satyanagar S O
9.      Com. Sudhir Ku. Mohanty
Postmaster Gr-I, BJB Nagar
10.   Com. Binod Kumar Das
SPM, Sailashreevihar S O, Bhubaneswar – 21
11.   Com. Lal Mohan Mohapatra
PA, Bhubaneswar GPO (On deputation to C O)
12.   Com. Gopal Mohapatra
P A, Rasulgarh S O, Bhubaneswar – 751 010
13.   Com. Rama Chandra Pradhan
SPM, GGP Colony, Bhubaneswar – 751 025
14.   Com. Rajendra N. Pattnaik
PA, Nayapalli SO, Bhubaneswar – 751 012
15.   Com. Hemant Ku. Sahoo
PA, Nimapara S O, Dist-Puri
16.   Com. Suryanarayan Sahoo
PA, A G SO, Bhubaneswar-751001
17.   Com. Jiten Mohapatra-II
PA, Bhubaneswar-2 MDG
18.   Com. Shiba Prasad Barik
O A, Divisional Office
19.   Com. Sunil Ku. Mishra
PA, Bhubaneswar GPO
20.   Com. Suryakanta Mohapatra
PA, Balanga S O, Dist- Puri
Women Sub-Committee

Chair Person
Smt. Santilata Rath
PA, Bhoinagar S O, Bhubaneswar – 751 022
Smt. Kanti Manjari Bhatt
P A, Sahidnagar MDG, Bhubaneswar – 751 007
Smt. Banani Rath
P A, Bhubaneswar GPO – 751 001
Smt. Durgabati Bihari
PA, Bhubaneswar GPO
Smt. Bhagyalaxmi Dash
P A, Nimapara MDG
Ms. Suprava Acharya
P A, Bhubaneswar GPO (under orders of transfer)
Smt. Sasmita Sahoo
P A, Bhubaneswar GPO - 751001
Smt. Sasmita Devi
OA, PSD, Bhubaneswar – 751 007
Smt. Neelima Rout
P A, Bhubaneswar GPO - 751001
Smt. Sugi Baske
SPM, Odisha Assembly SO, Bhubaneswar-1
Smt. Nivedita Swain
PA, Bhoinagar S O, Bhubaneswar – 751 022
Smt. Sasmita Rath
PA, BBSR GPO ( attached to RRL SO)
Ms. Sonali Priyadarshinee
PA, Bhubaneswar GPO

Divisional Secretary

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