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Friday, May 27, 2016

UPU News:- Transformation a must to move Posts forward

Director General Bishar A. Hussein has said Posts must be flexible to meet their customers’ changing needs at the UPU’s World Postal Business Forum at POST-EXPO 2016.

“For any business to survive and thrive, it has to meet the changing needs of its customers—the Post is no different,” he said in a video message.
The director general recommended that Posts adapt their business models to meet modern postal market demands.
“The customers of the Posts themselves have undergone remarkable transformation,” said Hussein. “They require faster and more efficient services and are not willing to compromise this, even for lower prices.”
With the growing e-commerce market, competitors, such as couriers and logistics companies, are already offering customers quicker options than Posts. Hussein urged designated operators to be flexible and embrace new technology to keep up with the competition.
The director general added that the UPU is also taking measures to modernize itself. Participants at this year’s Universal Postal Congress in Istanbul will vote on a proposal to reform the Union’s structure and working methods.

Value-added solutions

The UPU-organized World Postal Business Forum provides an annual platform where industry experts can discuss new products and services, processes and business models.
With e-commerce listed as a top priority by the regions under the UPU's draft Istanbul World Postal Strategy, the UPU will present on its e-commerce solutions related to customs, tracking and addressing issues at the forum from 24-25 May. These solutions include the Customs Declaration system, the Global Monitoring System (GMS) and POST*CODE, an international addressing database.

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