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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Appeal to the members of AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division

Why our 9th Biennial Conference is so important?

  Dear Comrades,  
As you know, we are going to conduct our 9th Biennial Conference from 28th to 29th May, 2016. The Open Session will be held sharp at 10 AM on 29.05.2016 in the premises of Odisha Association for the Blind, Kharvelnagar (Near big Bazar), Bhubaneswar – 751 001.

In this context, we would like to sincerely appeal you to attend the Open Session before 9 AM so that we can commence the Open Session sharp at 10 AM with nice breakfast arranged by the Reception Committee.

Due to our past bitter experience on irregular attendance, delayed attendance and at times no attendance by some members, we would like to explain the importance of this Biennial Conference which will be addressed by two veteran leaders namely Com. M Krishnan, Secretary General, Confederation of Central Govt. employees and Workers and Com. R N Parashar, Secretary General, National Federation of Postal Employees and our beloved General Secretary.

Comrades! We are holding this Biennial Conference in such a critical juncture when all our demands exclusively that of the Group-C postal employees have been grossly ignored and rejected with a derogatory remark “ not found justified” by the 7 the CPC on one hand and the National Joint Council of Action comprising the Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers, Railway Federations and Defence Federations has decided to go for a nation-wide  Indefinite Strike from 11thJuly, 2016 demanding necessary modifications of all the retrograde measurers recommended by the 7th CPC on the other. In addition, the Postal Joint Council of Action comprising National Federation of Postal Employees and Federation of National Postal Organizations is proceeding ahead simultaneously with the NJCA on agitational path with its own sectional demands.

The 7th CPC submitted its report with most disappointing, retrograde and worst ever recommendations to the Govt. on 19th November, 2015 restricting the pay hike to 14.29% without any change in the annual increment and promotional avenues even after a gap of 10 years and more importantly withdrawing all the 12 interest-free advances and 52 allowances and thus deceiving as many as 47 lakh Central Govt. employees and 52 lakh pensioners. The demands of the JCM Staff Side to implement the recommendations from 01.01.2014, to fix the minimum wage at Rs.26000/- with multiplying factor of 3.27, annual increment to 5%, 5 promotion during the entire service career, abolition of Grade Pay etc have been squarely rejected by the Commission. No change has been recommended for Casual Leave, Maternity Leave and Leave encashment. Rather, the Commission has recommended to reduce the HRA from 30/20/10% to 24/16/8% and 20% less pay in the 2nd year of Child Care Leave. Relating to our specific issues, the commission finds no justification for enhancement of minimum educational qualifications for Direct Recruits for Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistants from Class XII to Graduation and the entry grade pay from GP 2400 to GP 2800 and also no justification for upgrading LSG, HSG-II & HSG-I. Similar is the case of Postman, Mail Guard and MTS. The demand for separate cadre for S As / B Es has been denied straightway. The issues relating to GDS remained untouched.

We are also holding this Biennial Conference in such a time when the Department of Posts, in order to face the twin challenges of increasing competition and continuing advances in communication technology on one hand and to provide better customer services with wider reach to the Indian populace  through more customer interaction channels, growth through new lines of business and IT enablement of business processes and support functions on the other,  is rapidly proceeding ahead through implementation of I T Modernization Project, 2012. Out of 8 components of the Project, the Financial Services System Integrator (FSI)  has almost completed in the country  with CBS and CIS rollout.  In the mean time we have travelled a long way. Out of 25493 Departmental Post Offices all over India, 21737 Post Offices (807 HOs and 20930 S Os)  have already been migrated to CBS with opening of 913 India Post ATMs and 25406 Post Offices to CIS.

Odisha Circle got its first CBS Post Office on 01.12.2014 and CIS on 07.09.2015 in the name of Bhubaneswar GPO and till date,  Odisha Circle has migrated all its 35 HOs  and 907 S O ( Total 942 Post Offices) to CBS platform with 44 India Post ATMs  and 1199 post offices to CIS platform.In Bhubaneswar Division,  we have migrated 65 Post Offices including Bhubaneswar GPO so far to CBS platform and all S Os to CIS except Mahalaxmivihar, Bhubaneswar – 751 029. The remaining offices will be migrated shortly.

The remaining components of the Project like the Core System Integrator (CSI), Rural Hardware, Rural System Integrator (RSI) and Rural ICT etc. will be completed soon.

We have severally witnessed the bitter experience of CBS and CIS roll out. In the name of transformation of India Post, the problems of the postal employees are being  multiplied day by day. With formulation of National Postal Policy, Strategic Plan, Corporate Plan and introduction of Project Arrow and I T Modernization Project, the employees are now treated in similar nature prevailed during pre-independence era. With acute shortage of staff due to arbitrary abolition of posts, increased working hours due to down-sizing, additional pressure due to unachievable targets for POSB, PLI/RPLI and business products, frequent system problems due to improper software, inadequate professionals and outdated accessories, compulsion of cent percent delivery in the absence of adequate staff and support system, introduction of new products and services without proper education and training to the employees and such other problems arising out of computerization and modernization, the employees are suffering like anything. Being very specific, we can say that our Comrades working as SPMs in single / double-handed delivery post offices and the women employees who are unnecessarily detained regularly till late night inviting serious social-life disorders are the worst sufferers. Now the situation is such that the Postal Assistants falling prey to the anger of the public from dawn to dusk due to continuous arguments/counter-arguments, are being demoralized. In addition, they are receiving irregular orders always not to leave office without permission of the CPC/CEPT. The employees are regularly struggling for smooth connectivity, proper hardware and adequate manpower to render proper services to the customers. But all their efforts have fallen to the deaf ears of the administration. Responsibility is seen to be  shifted from Department to Infosys, from Infosys to Sify or sometimes from both to the Central Server / Data Centre etc.

Odisha Circle has already fixed a deadline to adopt agitational path during the 1st week of June, 2016 for bringing tangible solutions to the long pending issues of the staff members including CBS and CIS. We will formulate a concrete plan in the 9th Biennial Conference  for successful conductance of the forthcoming local agitational programmes.

Comrades! We are also holding this conference in such a critical moment when we are fighting heart and soul to save our Department from corporatization. A process is going on now by the first to corporatize not only Department of Posts but several other Govt organizations and PSUs and then to gradually weaken those organizations through disinvestment and eventually either to privatize or to close such organizations. But Comrades, we cannot ignore the overwhelming majority of toiling masses. We have to raise voice against the arbitrary amendment of Labour laws. We can’t sit silent when the basic rights of the workers are being snatched away. We have to register our strong protest against the arbitrary land acquisition bill intended to snatch away the rights of the farmers. We have to move a massive organizational campaign against the anti-employees’ policies of the Govt. We cannot repeat the same mistake and allow the Companies to rule us.

For the purpose, we have already gathered under one umbrella in the name of National JCA comprising Confederation, Railway and Defence Federations for common problems of the Central Govt. Employees and in the name of Postal JCA comprising NFPE and FNPO for postal related issues.  We have already proved it in the last march to Parliament on 28th April, 2015 declaring indefinite strike from 23rd November, 2015 for all common issues of Central Govt. employees which was subsequently postponed. The Indefinite Strike call given by the Postal JCA from 6th May 2015 was also deferred basing on the assurances of the Hon’ble Minister, Communications and IT. But Comrades! Assurances are assurances. We can’t believe on mere assurances. Under no circumstances, we will allow the Govt. to corporatize the postal services. As per the decision made in the meeting with Official Side on 25th February, 2015, the Staff Side was advised to meet and discuss the issue with the concerned departments on our demand “No privatization, PPP or FDI in Railways and Defence Establishments and no corporatization of postal services”. Accordingly the Postal JCA leaders met the Secretary (Posts) on 30th April, 2015 and Hon’ble Minister, Communications on 05th May, 2015 and discussed on all our sectional demands including “ No Corporatization of Postal Services” and you all know better the results of such meetings already published in our websites. The replies are not at all convincing. While the GDS issues were just noted by the Chairman, National Council, JCM, the Hon’ble Minister, Communications assured to reconsider with an open mind. With respect to ban on creation of posts, it was replied that expectations are made for operational needs. For scrapping of PFRDA Act, we were suggested to discuss the issue with Department of Financial services. For removal of arbitrary ceiling on compassionate appointment, it was agreed that DoPT would revisit the issue. And most importantly, no assurance was given by the Hon’ble Minister on corporatization of Postal services.

Accordingly we are now heading towards an Indefinite Strike under the banner of National JCA from 11th July, 2016. We have to give our strategies a constructive shape in the 9th Biennial Conference for brining a thundering success to the said nation-wide Indefinite Strike .

Thus, corporatization / privatization of India Post through implementation of Task Force report is still a peril like the sword of Damocles. Over Time duty has already lost its concept due to non-revision of the allowance for more than two decades. Contradictorily, the promotional avenues in postal department have been twisted to be confused. The cadre restructuring proposal has been unnecessarily delayed for last five years. The fates of 3 lakh Gramin Dak Sewaks have remained unpredictable for decades together. We are still demanding to fill up all vacant posts, creation of new posts, to stop corporatization / privatization / down-sizing, to give five promotions, to give status and pension to GDS etc. The struggles have not yet ended.

As the responsible employees of India Post, we have to certainly play a definite role in this regard to save our Department first and this Conference is the right platform to debate, discuss and decide if India Post is moving ahead by  right persons in right direction adopting right policies. With due apology, I should be very specific to say that while due to the combined efforts of all our Group-C staff members in particular and the Postmen, MTS and GDS employees in general, the Department has been able to implement all such plans, policies and programmes successfully and achieved many   certificates and medals to its credit, regretfully, it has not paid due attention for the welfare of  such staff members.

Similarly, in the name of Business Development unachievable targets are being given. Not only the Group-C staff members, the GDS and postmen staff have been exploited to the extent possible by the arrogant authorities in the name of business development through collection of PLI / RPLI proposals, opening of POSB Accounts etc.  They are being forced with threatening for prosecution to collect such business which compelled them to work even beyond office hours and thus they are highly neglected, grossly exploited and seriously depressed by the anti welfare policies of the Government which is trying to get them as cheaper as possible. Though India Post has registered nearly a seven fold growth during the period of last seven decades from 23,344 post offices during the time of Independence to 154882 ( 25493 Deptl. PO and 129389 GDS BO) post offices as on 31.03.2014, it has not been able to retain its monopoly in mail, finance/banking and insurance sector. While emergence of electronic alternatives due to continuing advances in Information and Communication Technology and  presence of organized / unorganized couriers for mail conveyance, increasing competition from the financial players like banks and insurance companies and above all the challenges of globalization, corporatization and liberalization are some of the important reasons, avoidance by the policy makers of the Department to examine the ground reality inviting poor and sub-standard  after sale services   by India Post is a vital cause for which customers are searching for alternative services rather than availing postal services. To add more, we have also noticed several biased decisions, lapses and hurriedness in implementing various policies/programmes and unpreparedness in introducing a new product/service by the Department have remained responsible for putting both the Department and its employees frequently in troubles. In such a moment, the postal employees have to shoulder dual responsibilities. Earlier, we had to fight for our own cause only. But now situation has changed. We have to fight for both to save the Department first and to save ourselves thereafter.

At this critical juncture, we have every pride and opportunity to debate discuss and decide on all issues and to advance for achievement of all our demands through powerful struggles and the forthcoming Biennial Conference is the right platform to act as such.

The revolution has just begun which needs the effort of every single individual for retaining the hard-earned benefits we have achieved through our struggle movements. Human revolution, in just a single individual can help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation and further in the destiny of all human kind. So unfettered by narrow nationalist or sectarian concerns, it should be considered that every individual is equally empowered with inner brilliance of life and however small the effort, every individual effort certainly makes a definite difference. The thing is that everyone should be loyal to the voice of conscience that issues forth from deep within.

Workers are not beggars. So, to make ourselves free from all worries and anxieties, to live with a status and to serve our nation whole heartedly on one hand and to retain the hard-earned benefits already achieved through rigorous struggles and sacrifices on the other, we have to go for united struggle only under one umbrella which needs just a promise by every individual. To be more active and more progressive, let’s promise to be more militant and aggressive on our issues. Together we can move the world. One, who can’t be taught by reason, shall be taught by force. And our force is our togetherness and unity. We have already proved it through our several rigorous struggle programmes from pre-independence era till date. We have fought and achieved. The glorious history of P & T Trade Union Movement tells us that nothing can stop us.  We can achieve all our demands through our unity and agitation, through one platform and one voice. We have just to carry forward our glorious traditions with additions of new ideas that will suit our future needs with an eye to the current transformation. And it is quite possible in the era of digital world. Just a commitment is required. A recall to our historic struggles in the past will definitely add to our future success.

Comrades! The world is changing. So also our activities Undoubtedly, we have also experienced a big change in the functioning of our union activities since 2006 after Com. M Krishnan and Com. K V Sridharan were elected as All India President and General Secretary respectively in Jwalaji AIC. Now the gap existed earlier in between the CHQ and the Divisions has been minimized. Contributions of the duo are par excellence. This vast service union during its initial constitution in the name of Postal Club of Calcutta GPO and subsequently recognized as NFPTE was leaded by the leaders like Babu Tarapada Mukherjee and Dada Ghosh who were Group-C postal employees. Even now, after 60 years, when we have already celebrated its Diamond Jubilee, there is every reason for us to feel proud that NFPE is being leaded by a Group-C postal employee in the name of Com. R N Parashar. You know better that the NFPE is the father of Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers and Dada Ghosh was its first Secretary General. We feel extremely proud to say that the Confederation which was initially leaded by a Group-C postal employee is now also being leaded by a Group-C postal employee in the name of Com. M Krishnan. So, Group-C postal employees have the capability to lead the entirety of postal workers, to lead the entirety of Central Govt. employees and to lead the entirety of working class as well.  When Com. R N Parashar and Com. M Krishnan are with us, there should be no doubt about it.

We are fortunate to have the above two towering leaders of P & T Trade Union Movement in our 9th Biennial Conference who will enlighten us on all issues narrated above.

Therefore,  we have the opportunity to sincerely appeal you to actively participate in our 9th Biennial Conference reaching in the venue (Odisha Association for the Blind, Kharvelnagar, Bhubaneswar – 751 001)  before 9 A M to listen to the above leaders and educate yourself. This opportunity may not come time and again. Be aware to save India Post and its employees.

With Conference Greetings.

Comradely yours,

Bruhaspati Samal
Divisional Secretary
          Dated 18th May, 2016

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