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Monday, May 16, 2016

Probationers of various Indian accounts services call on the President

Addressing the Probationers, the President said as public servants, a huge responsibly rests on their young shoulders.

They have to shape a modern nation out of a 5000 year old civilization. This is a unique opportunity for young and agile minds to make their contribution.

The President said though an ancient civilization, India is a young nation trying to build its future after suffering 190 years of colonial exploitation, drain of resources, poverty and deprivation.

Establishing a modern and common system of administration for a nation of extraordinary diversity like India, comprising 128 crore people, 122 languages, 1800 dialects and seven religions is no easy task.

The President said the motto of the National Institute of Financial Management (NIFM) -'Manushyavati Bhoomirarthah’ explains that of all resources, the most important resource is human resources.

Developing good human resources will enable full utilization of all other natural resources. Creation of high quality human assets is the most important task before us. He congratulated NIFM for choosing this motto.

Mukherjee said the economy is assuming new dimensions. Decision making is not confined within the geographical territory of any one country today.

He told the Probationers that in order to cope with this situation, they should be flexible in their thinking and adopt new techniques, instruments and devices.

They should always apply their mind and intellect. Rather than be carbon copies of each other, each activity should have an imprint of their ingenuity. In the process, they will be successful and make contributions to the building of our country and society.
The President concluded quoting Gandhiji and asking them to be the change that they wish to see in the world.

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