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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Minutes of Monthly Union Meeting with AIPEU, Group-C Bhubaneswar Dvnl Branch, BBSR held on 30.08.2012 at 10.30 hrs.

Administration Side
Union Side
Sri A.K. Nayak, SSPOs, BBSR Dn.
B. Samal,  Postmaster, Sahidnagar MDG
Dvnl Secy
Sri G.P Kar,  ASPOs (Hqrs)

Santilata Rath, PA, BNC GPO
Item No.                                                     
O l d   i t e m s
1-2/ 11

       This has a reference to S B Order No. 02 / 2011 communicated vide Directorate’s letter No. No.113-07/2008-SB, dated 08.02.2011 clarifying S B Order No. 25 / 2010 for settlement of deceased claim cases where in it has been told that the value of stamps on Affidavit differs from State to State as it comes under the State Stamp Act and Circles can circulate the value of stamps as per their State Stamp Act.
       Thus, it is requested to obtain the value of Stamp paper that will be used for obtaining Affidavit, Letter of Indemnity and Disclaimer certificate of Affidavit for settlement of deceased claim cases and circulate to all concerned for information and necessary action.
Reply from Tahasildar / Sub Registrar is still awaited.  It will be perused.
Revision of MDW of Bhubaneswar G.P.O.
Draft copy of MDW is not yet received from Sr PM. He has been asked over telephone to submit the same by this week end positively.
Change of officials working in SB branch for more than the prescribed period as enjoined in POSB manual, Vol-1 – case of APM (Certificate), Bhubaneswar GPO.
Clarification has been sought for from Circle Office, which is awaited. CO will be reminded.
Provision of basis amenities like water, lavatory etc in SOs like Gop, Bhubaneswar RS etc or taking steps for shifting of such SOs without basic amenities. Union cited one more case of Pokhariput SO.

Gop: Toilet and water facility has since been provided by the house owner.                                          (I/C).
BBSR RS. : BDA Authorities have been requested to provide the basic amenities.However,the basic amenities provided by the BDA to the Market Complex may be utilized by the Postal Staff till arrangement if any provided by BDA.(I/C)
Pokhariput SO: The P.O. is functioning in a room provided by a Club of the locality.  It is ascertained that the Club members have started initiative for provision of basic amenities for the PO.                           (I/C)
Supply of mini water coolers/purifiers to bigger POs (MDGs/HSG-II/LSG officials) and Aqua Guards to all post offices ensuing provision of pure drinking water.
Water cooler cum purifier has since been supplied to Ashoknagar MDG, Nimapara MDG, BBSR GPO,Divnl. Office and aqua guard has also been supplied to Saheednagar MDG,Bhoinagar SO, Utkal University MDG,BBSR-MDG,Pipli SO &KIIT SO  .                                                                              (I/C)
01-07/ 12
Change of working hours of Sahidnagar MDG and installation of Closed Circuit Camera in the basement where the mail branch is functioning without any supervisor:
The Mail, Sorting and Delivery branch are being operated in the basement of the P O building and the Postmaster sits in the ground floor. Thus, direct supervision of these branches personally by the Postmaster is being prevented. When the Postmaster comes to the basement for supervision, the counter transactions are being affected compelling the customers to wait and inviting resentments. Installation of C C Camera can help the Postmaster in correctly supervising the Mail branch. Secondly, since the 1st mail is being received daily through MMS at 6.50 AM, the bags are remained unopened till 9 AM. Thus, the working hours of this office requires to be changed so that cutting of bags, facing/stamping/sorting of articles and  data feeding in postman module etc. will be finished in time and the beat out can be ensured rightly at 10.30 hours.
This is under examination.
Modification of Form-E under SCSS and eMO Form :
                Form E under SCSS which is designed for closure application form does not contain the seal and signature of the sanctioning authority and thus found defective. Similarly the eMO application form is just the opposite to what has been designed in the package which put the Counter P A, especially the new entrants into difficulty during booking.
The case has been reported to the CO.

New Items
Clarification on accepting nomination in case of SB and TD Accounts by S Os / MDGs :
As per Rule – 22 ( 5 ) ( Page-20,POSB Manual, Vol. I, Third Edition, corrected up to August-2011 by K J Singh ), it has been instructed that for centralized schemes, on receipt of information from HO,
SOs should enter the nomination number intimated by H O and other particulars of nominee in the concerned account in System Software for centralized schemes.  Again, Para 8 of Annexure – I under Rule 199 (page 287 of the above Manual) , it has been instructed that nomination in respect of POSB Schemes will now be done at Mukhya Dak Ghars with effect from 01.06.2002 including continuation of nomination at HO. Here there is no specification whether MDGs will do nomination works in case of centralized schemes or not.
As such, it is requested to arrange issuance of necessary clarifications in this regard.
Specific cases of MDG to be highlighted.However, clarification will be sought for from CO.
Immediate dequaterisation of Acharyavihar S O with complete civil and electrical works:
It has come to the notice of this union that the post attached quarters of Acharyavihar NDT SO is completely uninhabitable with soaked walls and floors, damaged windows and doors, dangerous electrical wiring and unsuitable fixtures / fittings. In addition, the post office itself is functioning in a single room without any additional space for the GDS to sit and there is no stock /store room for the PO also. The inside view of the PO through sub-standard networking for computerization with no server rack surrounded by damaged table and rack and without any visitors’ chair and the outer look with damaged roof of the public place and faded sign board certainly put several  questions on the look and feel good concept of the Department.
As such, it is requested for immediate dequarterization of Acharyavihar NDT SO with complete civil/electrical works including supply of suitable furniture.
The previous SPM who resided in the Post quarter had never reported anything about any problem in the  Post Office & attached  Postquarter.However,the concerned  State Govt. authority has been addressed to under take necessary repairing work in the PO building as well as Post attached quarter of the SPM.(I/C)
Supply of Mobile Phones and monthly Pre-paid Mobile Vouchers to all System Administrators / Managers.  :
Out of 9 System Administrators of this Division, 2 S As namely Sri B B Mohapatra and Sri M K Mahala are now attached to Circle office. From the rest seven, while Sri D K Satpathy has been attached to Bhubaneswar GPO completely, other six  namely Sri B P Panda, Sri M R Gahdai,  Sri Subrat Sasmal, Sri R K Pradhan, Ms. Neelima Rout and Sri P M Sahoo are looking after the systems of the Division as a whole as allotted to them by Divisional office.
But unfortunately, while the S As deputed to Circle Office and only one namely Sri B P Panda attached to our Divisional Office are getting pre-paid mobile vouchers, other S As are being deprived of the facility. In this regard, it is requested to refer this Union letter No. UN-BN / AIPEU - Gr.-C/ 11 - 06/2012, dated  24th   July, 2012 and arrange for uniform supply of Mobile Phones / Vouchers to all S As.
This office has taken initiative well before for provision of mobile voucher to all the System Administrators of this division. This will be materialized very soon.                                                     (I/C)

Non-acknowledgement of Union letters and non-circulation of important circulars to union :
In spite of repeated discussions in the monthly union meetings and assurances there on, this union is not in receipt of any circular issued by the Department in the interest of staff welfare. In addition not a single letter is seen to be acknowledged by the Divisional administration and no intimation is also given on the nature of action taken on several issues brought to the notice of the administration.
We request the seriousness of the Divisional administration on the issue.
Relevant circulars are being circulated amongst the service unions.                                                       (I/C)
Provision of one more ladies  toilet at ground floor of BBSR GPO and ensuring regular supply of water.
AD (Bldg), CO, BBSR will be requested to look in to the matter.

The next monthly meeting with the Union will be held on 13.09.2012. Agenda, if any, for discussion, may be submitted by 07.09.2012.  No separate letter will be issued for submitting agenda and agenda received after 07.09.2012 will not be entertained.
 (A.K. Nayak)
Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices,
Bhubaneswar Division
No.B.9-1/Ch.IV,                                                                         Dated at Bhubaneswar, the 30th August 2012
Copy for information and necessary action to:
1.             The Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.C, Bhubaneswar Dvnl Branch & Postmaster Sahidnagar MDG.
2.             The Sr Postmaster, Bhubaneswar G.P.O., Bhubaneswar – 751001.
3.             The A.S.P.Os. (Hqrs), O/o SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division, Bhubaneswar-751009.
4.             The A.S.P.Os. I/C, Bhubaneswar North Sub-Dn, At-Bhubaneswar G.P.O.
5.             The Inspector, Posts, Bhubaneswar South Sub-Dn, BBSR/, Nimapara Sub-Dn, Nimapara-752106.
7.             All Branches of Divisional Office, Bhubaneswar. They are requested to submit compliance report on all items within a week.
Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices
Bhubaneswar Division

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