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Thursday, August 23, 2012


The Minister of Communication released the Indian Postal Policy 2012 document recently which is nothing but the replica of the earlier Telecom policy unbundling all the Government machinery and made it for easy sale which lead the telecom into Corporation as now becoming a sinking boat.
The Minister’s declaration for constitution of Postal Development Board consisting the Secretaries of Department Posts, Department of Economic Affairs , Department of Electronics and information Technolgy, Department of commerce and two members from Postal Board is just to create more power centers and not to take any decision under any circumstances and the concept of the Postal as a social service to common citizens will erode and the post will become a commodity.

Further the another committee Postal Advisory Council comprising policy makers, Postal operators and other stake holders is nothing but to open competition in the service and to form a level playground for the couriers enabling them to encroach the Postal area by granting licences.
The other move of the introduction of public private partnership (PPP) and carrying out the functions of the couriers like booking and delivery by the post office on commercial basis will tantamount the erosion of the age old public utility service. The importance of Postal will vanish and the Rural poor forefeit the existing services due to unwarranted completion. Instead of utilizing the abundant infrastructure and workface in the Department in improving the service the Government is now unleashing to unbundling the existing rights of the Postal service for favouring courier lobby and private enterprises.
The aftermath of the Globalisation debacles the western countries is now realizing the need for the Government services in many sectors and changing their policies reversing earlier decision. Even the automatic mail processing machines become out dated and were condemmened in western countries where as the condemned machines are brought under the modernization scheme for the utility of Indian Postal Service. The planets at the top do not realize the seriousness and the impact of such out dated machines. The AMPC now installed in Delhi is glaring example for such a bad decision like introduction of air freighter.
Postal Department needs experts in Business, Management and Maintainance of age old Postal services to suit the current requirements. The half hazard Postal policies will hamper and detereate the present service and driven into chaos, confusions. We shall resist, react and halt the move of the revised Postal policy and unite our self for a massive Trade union action in case the draft become the permanent policy. Let us keep ourselves ready for any such eventualities and keep our gun powder dry.
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