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Friday, April 29, 2016

Notice for holding 9th Divisional Biennial Confrence of AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubanewar Division

Dear Comrades,
            First of all, I would like to convey my sincere gratitude before you for showing your fraternal solidarity in the campus of the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle on 21.04.2016 against my irregular and untimely transfer from Bhubaneswar to Cuttack. The irregular transfer memo has since been modified. The credit goes to you all for such a victory. 

Now I have the pleasure to intimate you that the Divisional Working Committee of this Union in its meeting dated  13.02.2016 had decided to conduct our 9th Divisional Biennial Conference from 21st to 22nd May, 2016. But due to non-availability of date from our Circle Secretary, it was rescheduled to 28th and  29th May, 2016.

In addition to our Circle Secretary, Com. M Krishnan, General Secretary, Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers and Com. R N Parashar, General Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, CHQ and Secretary General, NFPE have also given their kind consent to attend our conference. 

The required notice as per constitution is sent here with.

Keeping in view the scorching heat in the month of May and the increasing price of essential commodities, the Working has decided to hold the Conference with individual contribution of Rs.700/- which may be sent / remitted to Sri Sukhalal Tudu, Treasurer, AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division & P A, Ashoknagar MDG, Bhubaneswar – 751 009 by 10th May, 2016. Sri H K Ojha,  Astt. Treasurer and Sri D C Mohanty Organizing Secretary will take the responsibility of collecting the donations from Town S Os alongwith Sri Sukhalal Tudu, Treasurer. Sri N R Pattnaik, Organizing Secretary and Sri Kalandi Biswal, member will arrange to collect the donations from Bhubaneswar GPO along with Sri Lingaraj Sahoo, Vice-President. Sri S K Patra, Organizing Secretary will collect the same from Divisional Office and Udyan Marg SO. Sri R C Kandi, Asst. Secretary, Sri N C Senapati, Organizing Secretary and Sri H K Sahoo, WC Member will collect the donations from rural offices.

Sri D R Mohanty, Asst. Secretary is requested to monitor the total collection of donations so that it will be completed by 10th  May, 2016.

Comrades, we are conducting this Conference in such a moment while the 7th CPC has rejected all our just and genuine demands and submitted its report full of retrograde measures on one hand and the National Joint Council of Action comprising Confederation, Railway Federations and Defence Federations is planning for an Indefinite Strike from 11.07.2016 on the other. Thus, this Conference has its own special importance when attended by Com. M Krishnan and Com. R N Parashar in a very crucial period.

As such, all the members are sincerely requested to remit their individual contribution in time and  attend the Conference invariably without fail to make it a grand success.

With Conference Greetings.
Comradely yours,
Encl.- As Above (Notice)
Divisional Secretary


No. UN / BN – AIPEU / Gr.-C / Con- 2016
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 29th April, 2016

Notice is hereby given under Article 48 read with Article 45 and 46 of the Constitution of All India Postal Employees Union, Group – C to hold the 9th Biennial Conference of Bhubaneswar Divisional Branch from 28th to 29th May, 2016 at Odisha Association for the Blind, Kharvelnagar (Near Big Bazar), Bhubaneswar – 751 001.
            The following shall be the agenda for discussion in the Biennial Conference.
1.    Confirmation of the proceedings of 8th Biennial Conference held at the Institution of Engineers (India), Odisha State Centre, Bhubaneswar - 751001 from 12th to 13th April, 2014.
2.    To consider and adopt the Biennial Report.
3.    To consider and adopt Audited Accounts
4.    To adopt Budget Estimates.
5.    Organizational Review
a.    Re-verification of membership completed during 1st week of August, 2015 and effective in October, 2015 and position of Bhubaneswar Division.
b.    Review of Strikes / Agitational Programmes
i.              March to Parliament on 28.04.2014
ii.            Successful one day strike on 02.09.2015
iii.           Deferment of 2 days strike on 1st and 2nd December, 2015 by NFPE and subsequent developments.
iv.           Ultimatum given by National Joint Council of Action culminating to Indefinite Strike from 1st week of March, 2016 and subsequently rescheduled first from 11.04.2016 and then from 11.07.2016 on 26 point charter of demands.
c.    Our approach with Circle Union / CHQ / NFPE / Confederation / NJCA / Sister Unions.
d.    Position of AIPEU GDS (NFPE) in Bhubaneswar Division and our role.
e.    Position of Casual Workers in Bhubaneswar Division
f.     Review of monthly union meetings with Divisional Head
6.    7th CPC related issues:
i.              Preparation of Draft memorandum - National Workshop on 7th CPC in New Delhi from 26th to 27th May, 2014 and our contribution.
ii.            Release of 7th CPC Report on 19.11.2016 - Demands by Staff Side Vrs. retrograde recommendations by the Commission
iii.           Fixation of Min. Wage, Fitment Formula, Annual Increment and Promotion etc.
iv.           Common issues covering allowances / advances / CGHS etc.
v.            Modifications suggested by NC JCM (Staff Side)/Confederation/NFPE/CHQ
vi.           Specific issues relating to P A/LSG/HSG-II/HSG-I/ S As/B Es/Postmaster cadre and Cadre Restructuring of Group-C employees. 
7.    Divisional Issues:
a.    Issues related to CBS Finacle
i.        Discrepancy settlement, data validation and roll-out sign off.
ii.      Deficiency in supply of hardware and compulsory migration with old and outdated systems
iii.     Insufficient training and dearth of Technical support
iv.     Low Bandwidth / Link failure / sluggish connectivity / extended duty hours / rude  behavior of the customers and employees’ fate/future
v.      Problems in printing of Pass Book and Certificates
vi.     Transaction errors in CBS Finacle
vii.    Problems arising out of non-migration of Accounts / Certificates
viii.  Irregular orders by CEPT/CPC not to leave office without prior permission/completion of HISCOD
b.    Issues related to CIS (PLI McCamish):
i. Problems of PLI CPC, Bhubaneswar GPO – Inadequate manpower, hardware and space
ii. Non-updation of policies especially pay recovery cases.
iii. Non-sanction of PLI/RPLI incentive
c.    Problems of women employees – Posting in offices without basic amenities.
d.    Victimization of employees/stoppage of duty pay of subordinate staff members on the plea of disobedience of office order.  
e.    Contributory negligence and issues of subsidiary offenders.
f.     Undue delay in implementation of rotational transfer memo of previous years.
g.    Irregular / arbitrary orders of deputation
h.    Opening of new Post Offices without proper infrastructure and without supply of required stock items.
i.      No AMC of UPS, Gen Set etc.
j.      Supply of sub-standard / inadequate computer paper/MPCM/Bar code sticker etc.
k.    Irregular maintenance of P O buildings / staff quarters & dequarterization issues.
l.      Introduction of new products / services without supporting documents / materials / advertisement and fixation of unachievable targets there on.
m.   Improper attention / non-disposal to/of union representations.
n.    Provision of Police Escort in Cash Van & Deployment of Arm Guards in BBSR GPO
o.    Continued grant of HRA to the Postal Staff Working at Balakati SO, Balianta SO and Bhatpatna SO near Bhubaneswar
p.    CGHS problems
8.      Specific general problems of individual Post Offices.
9.    Resolutions on the problems of employees and ways and means to implement policies and directives of NFPE/All India Union/Circle Union.
10.  Election of Office bearers :
a.   President, b. Vice – Presidents, c. Divisional Secretary, d. Asst. Secretaries, e. Financial Secretary, f. Asst. Financial Secretary, g. Organizing Secretaries.
10. To elect the members to the Working Committee, the number being decided by the conference.
11. To elect the Auditor,  Circle Councilors and delegates to Circle and All India Conference.
12. Any other item with the permission of Chair.
13.  Vote of thanks.

With fraternal greetings.

Divisional Secretary
Copy to:
1.    The President, AIPEU, Group – C, Bhubaneswar Division.
2.    All elected Office Bearers / Members to Working Committee / General Body members.
3.    The Chair-Person / Convener / Sub-Convener / Members of the Women Sub-Committee.
4.    The Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices, Bhubaneswar Division, Bhubaneswar – 751 009.
5.    The Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle Branch.
6.    The General Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, C H Q, Dada Ghosh Bhawan, 2151 / 1, New Patel Nagar, New Delhi – 110 008.
7.    Notice Board

Divisional Secretary

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